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Travel Art – A Monday Update

Hey, art lovers.

This week is getting off to a very interesting start. I’m currently in Minneapolis and while I love the ambiance and busyness (in moderation), I wish we were here on better circumstances. Today, my father in law is having surgery and while it isn’t a life-threatening situation, it always bring about the nerves and worry if complications should arise.

Lately, I’ve been a lot less inspired when it comes to my artistic passions and I believe it is largely due to the family and personal circumstances that have arose over the past month or so.

Driving in the city is never a fun experience for us since we live among pastures and dirt roads, but as we approached I felt a rush within my spirit. Even with our -10F weather, I’ve been in awe of all the unique buildings and old architecture. There is a cold, crisp, chill in the air and the buildings were glistening with a frozen glaze visible from the light of the rising sun. I couldn’t help but to feel my artistic inspiration flowing while traveling into Minneapolis this morning and looking at all the old architecture and buildings. I always feel a rush when I’m in the city and it feels as if a part of me awakens whenever I experience this ambiance. Art is alive here.

My husband has never been a fan of the city or anywhere there is an abundance of people and traffic-especially the traffic. We do share a lot of those similar feelings. We love being around nature and having our own peaceful, quiet space. However, as an artist, I really appreciate the creative life and all of the different kinds of characters you can un into within the city. The old historic landmarks add fuel to my creative fires and the abundance of museums and art galleries provide worlds of inspiration.

While I’m not here on the best of circumstances, I am trying really hard to make the best out of a bad situation. New environments can provide us with many new avenues for inspiration to spark from. We simply need to open our mind to retrieving and really seeing. Being close-minded has only ever hindered my creativity.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut and have been lacking inspiration, I highly suggest trying something new to get you out of your normal routine. It could be exactly what you need to remind yourself of why you started your journey in the first place.

I’ll chat again soon, friends. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



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I’m “selling” essential oils nowadays. Did you guys know?

Hello, friends! I hope you all are doing well!

From the title up there, you guys already know what I’m going to be talking about in this blog. (and your still here! yay!) I know that my Young Living journey is still very new and I am somewhat slowly and shyly introducing it all into my social media and online platforms. It may not seem like it, but I have been trying to keep my story short and not flood you guys completely. Yes, this has been me being subtle. I’m just that excited about all Young Living has to offer! Anyway, before I go on a tangent, let’s get into the purpose of this blog, eh? I’m sure most people have noticed that I have recently begun “selling” Young Living essential oils in addition to their other products, but that’s exactly why I decided that I wanted to write this blog for you guys.

The thought started a few days ago when I got asked if I was “selling” essential oils now. I replied that I was and shared how excited I was to be on this new journey, but the conversation sort of died off there. It didn’t feel right when I was asked and the general tone of the question suggested that I was simply part of another “MLM/pyramid” scam. At that point, anything I could have said in response would have been written off because that negative mindset of me as “another pushy salesperson” was already set in place. People naturally start ignoring what you say about a business once they know you’re IN the business. I know because that’s how I’ve always approached MLM promoters; more like I avoided them.

If you guys were hoping to learn more about why I started a business with Young Living, I will kindly refer you to this video below. I address my reasons for the change and how I went from being VERY skeptical to taking the business on and being nothing short of excited.

It’s really funny, actually. When I was first looking into this business, what I was most worried and hesitant about wasn’t the fear of whether or not I’d do well with Young Living or even that I might regret it later. I knew without a doubt the more I learned that I was going to love the products and that they would benefit my life. What I was worried about, however, was how I would come across to my followers with the new change. MLM’s have such a bad rep, don’t they? I was curious how I was going to incorporate a completely different business to cooperate and coincide with my existing art business without distracting or taking away from it. I’ll be honest here. It’s something I’m still working on and am still learning how to go about it as I go along. I’m sure I’ll find that magic recipe, but until then I ask for your patience with the change! Scratch and sniff paintings, anyone?

Today I wanted to address the question I was asked and in particular, the use of the word, “selling.” While yes, it is true that I am a distributor for Young Living, the word, “sell”, just doesn’t sit right with me as an accurate description for what I do. Now I’m going to start telling you why that is. The answer is very simple and straightforward. I simply love the products and WANT to SHARE them with others. When “sell” is the word that’s used to describe what I’m doing, it leaves the annotation that my only goal is to make money off of whoever I’m discussing or sharing it with. This couldn’t be further from the truth or what I’m trying to do.

I joined the business side of Young Living because I knew that I would be ordering these products and sharing them anyway. Sharing is just something that happens naturally when you like what your using. We do it all the time with recipes, food, tv shows, and even the clothes we wear. If I just so happened to share some of the products I love and get paid in the process, that would be great, right?!

Do I want people to join my team and to buy the products? I’m not going to lie, of course I do! Everyone has goals and we all have to work in order to make a living. Life is expensive, so of course I would love it if someone were to become a member and were to support me in this business. This is how I earn my paycheck so that I can support my family. Does that mean I’m going to say a bunch of fluff and whatever I need to say in order to make the sale? This is a hard NO for me and that is where we, Young Living as a whole, draw the line. I’m never going to tell you what you want to hear simply because I believe it’s going to make a sale or share about products that I don’t support or believe in. Young Living prides themselves in being different from other MLMs in this way.

When I first started learning about the products, the oils especially, I was completely smitten. If you watched the video above, you will know that I did my own research on common household items and cleaners. After having done so, I got a big box from out of the garage and dumped all of my chemical-filled, toxic products into it and labeled it the “Toxin Box.” This was a huge factor for my decision among some other reasons.

To sum it all up for you, yes. Yes I earn money to share and make sales on Young Living products. No, I don’t directly try to “sell” them as that’s not my goal. I “share” because I care. I simply hope that this company, with all it’s products and business opportunities, can help change the lives of the people I share it with in the same way that is has been changing mine and my family’s. We all buy and use shampoo, cleaners, toothpaste, detergent, and supplements anyway so why not switch to a safer version while financially supporting someone you love. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I hope I didn’t ramble on too much in this blog. This is something I just had to address. I have been really enjoying this business and using the oils that I got in my starter kit. I have yet to test the cleaners and other products, but you can bet I will be sharing about those in the future if they are anywhere near as good as the oils I have been using so far.

Oh! Speaking of sharing, If you guys are interested in a raw and “non-salesy” video on my starter kit and it’s contents, please see the video below! I was definitely still learning when I recorded it and I’m sure I made some mistakes, but that just goes to show you that my love and excitement for Young Living is genuine. That excitement and obsession is only growing the more I learn and the more I use their products.

*”Sales Pitch” Warning*

If you watched the videos and decided that you want to give this business a try, I truly hope you will consider ordering through me and joining my team. We are building a community of amazing people and I am part of several different groups that focus on my success and provide me with the information and guidance I need. By ordering with me and joining my team, you will also be getting:

  • $25 off your kit – because I know the kits are expensive and I want to personally give part of my own commission back to you in order to help with this big expenditure. I’ll do this through a PayPal transaction.
  • A special oily gift from me – I love giving gifts and am making welcome packets for new members that join my team with some little goodies (such as a perfume roller) & DIY instructions.
  • Access to success tools – addition into Facebook groups, monthly email newsletters, and direct contact with me as your line of support. Whenever I’m feeling down or stuck, I have a group of amazing women that I can contact that will give me encouragement, support me, and lift me back up again.

I want to be there for you along this journey and will hold your hand throughout the whole process. I’m not going anywhere and want you to know that I’m in it for the long run. I’ll stop myself there. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. If this is an adventure you feel like your ready to embark on, you can sign up here and I’ll be in contact with you shortly after.

Have an amazing day, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll catch ya in the next one!



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Festive Friday Day #6: Cookie Coma!

Good afternoon, friends!

Just a few more weeks of Festive Friday after today! Only two more, actually! Wow. I feel like the holiday season has flown by so fast. Perhaps it’s because my husband has been gone and I’ve been pouring myself into my work to compensate for his absence. This is a good thing though! Christmas is almost here and guess what I’ve got going on today? That’s right! I’m baking Christmas cookies!

Good guess. 🙂

My Christmas baking last year was absolutely insane. I spent a fortune on a bunch of different ingredients and had spent so much time in the kitchen! SO. MUCH. TIME. And no one wanted to eat the treats because everyone was trying to watch their calorie intake! (No fun!) In all honesty, I wanted to do the opposite this year with my baking, which is why I’m sharing with you my simple holiday baking solution.

Just a LITTLE of last year’s baking to give you some perspective..

Today, instead of causing unneeded chaos in the kitchen, I just put together one of my favorite cookie recipes. This one is an all-time classic: the timeless oatmeal cookie. I realize this isn’t the most “festive” cookie recipe out there but I love the simplicity and that they can easily be enjoyed year-round.

You all know I’m not much of a chef and I’m a very minimalist baker. This is a recipe that I just eyeball when putting the ingredients together until the consistency looks right. It consists of vanilla extract, salt, sugar, brown sugar, flour, oats, dairy-free butter, and a flax egg (since I’m vegan). I also like to throw some dairy-free chocolate chips in the mix. Is there really an explanation needed for that? If you want it to look a little more colorful, just omit the chocolate chips and use m&m’s or a similar type of colorful candy (candy canes?) and there ya go!


There’s something pleasantly nostalgic about baking oatmeal cookies. The smells wafting through the house brings me back to childhood when we’d come home from school to some freshly baked cookies as a snack. It just brings me back to simpler times and that’s exactly what I was in need of this year. It’s so easy to get caught up around the holiday season. We’re all running around spending money on gifts and things we don’t need and stressing about things that don’t need to be stressed about. It’s true that shopping, baking, and gift giving are all fun things, but I just wanted to remind everyone not to get too caught up in all the commotion.

What says “homemade” more than a classic such as this?

I like to give homemade goodies to our neighbors for Christmas and there are around 6 houses that are surrounding us. I was working last year so my husband was the one who hand delivered all the treats. I’m excited for us to be able to go to each house together this year and present them together. We haven’t met all of the neighbors yet, so I’m hoping this will brighten up their holiday seasons. Since Mr. Du Bois isn’t home yet, these cookies will probably just be enjoyed by me and I’ll have a new batch ready when he’s home (that and so that the neighbors will have some fresh ones).

I will do more Holiday baking, but that day is not today.


Well, guys, that’s all I have for you this week. Thank you once again for tuning in to my blog. I’ve only got a week left until I see me husband and I can’t wait to write all about it! I’ll be back Monday! Have a fantastic weekend!

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Running Through a Winter Wonderland +Art & Life Updates!

Hello, loyal readers!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I actually took a day off for myself as well. I feel so rejuvenated and am very excited to finish this year strongly. I realize that this is a rather cliché statement for this time of year, but it’s true nonetheless.

It was a beautiful day yesterday when I took my dogs out for our midday run. I just had to take a few shots of the experience as it was truly magical. The way the snow glistened Continue reading Running Through a Winter Wonderland +Art & Life Updates!

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Festive Friday Day 1: Decorating and Kickstarting the Holiday Cheer

Let’s get this party started!

Today is the first day of my Festive Friday blog series and what better topic to cover than that of decorating for the season. I know many people disagree with Christmas decorations being put out before Thanksgiving has passed. As for me, I think that the Continue reading Festive Friday Day 1: Decorating and Kickstarting the Holiday Cheer

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30 Days of Fall Closing…Thoughts and Excitement

Happy November, everyone!

I can’t believe October, along with my art series, 30 Days of Fall, has finally come to a close! Creating a new piece of art each day has been very challenging, but I am so glad I was able to pull through in the end. It definitely takes a lot out of you creatively. When I came up with the idea, I had no idea the kind of commitment it would be. (I also had no idea “Inktober” was a thing either or I might have done that..haha..) Between creating the actual art to taking decent photos, creating listings on my website, and even just sharing each post on my social media, I had almost no free time in the day to do other business related things most of the time. (Not to mention that I was constantly blowing up everyone’s news feed-sorry about that.) There were many days where the last thing that I wanted to do was draw or paint, but knowing that I had already made a commitment to this gave me the motivation I needed and kept me creating.

All the artwork featured below:

If you have followed the series over my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you probably noticed the variety in different artworks and styles. I envisioned creating a lot of different types of fall-related paintings, but found that these took an incredible amount of time and materials. I would’ve had no canvases left once the series ended! Doing a detailed, quality painting every day I feel would have really burnt me out fast over the 30-day time span. In the beginning, I started with more surreal and abstract paintings then went on to landscapes/scenic paintings followed by illustrations and more abstract work. Towards the end, the look and feel of my pieces were beginning to encapsulate the essance of the artwork that I love and hope to keep creating. I love revolving my work around nature and emotion. All in all though, working on this series was the exact push I needed to kickstart my art journey and new lifestyle. I can see myself improving with each and every day.

After making it through the hectic time of October, I am starting this month feeling fulfilled and very motivated! I have a lot of things planned for this November and am very excited! If you got my newsletter that went out today as well, you will have heard all about that so I wont bore you with announcement repetition. Not subscribed to the newsletter? Subscribe here.

Drill is coming up this weekend and I am actually somewhat excited for that mostly because it will be easier for me to focus being that I won’t feel the pressure to create art. I find that I create my best work when I can simply be me and create what I hope to see exist in the world. I struggled with coming up with ideas over my series also because everything was supposed to be “fall themed.” Towards the end especially I just started creating more woodsy, forest-inspired art and I felt the most happy doing those sorts of works. Perhaps that is my own personal style starting to poke through? I’m still working on discovering it all.

Before I end this blog-sorry if I completely bored you all to death-I just wanted to share real quick that I’m having a fall clearance sale in my shop starting today! Use coupon code fall30 to get 30% off any and all of the artwork I completed for 30 Days of Fall!! It gets better! I’ll also be offering free shipping for orders over $49! Sale ends November 15th. There is only one of each piece and once it goes, it’s gone, my friends! Happy shopping, loves!


Now that Halloween is over, I think it’s perfectly socially acceptable to announce that…I’m going to start decorating for Christmas this week! I’ll post all about that (PLUS PHOTOS) in my next blog, so stay tuned! Get into the holiday spirit with me and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it! I love you all so so soooooo much!

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Goodbyes and Perspective

Good morning, friends!

The last week has been quite hectic. I’m sure you all know the feeling as well. Jonathon and I have been rushing around gathering all the things he needed for his trip. I know I’ve briefly mentioned it before, but now that he is gone I can elaborate a little bit more. Continue reading Goodbyes and Perspective

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Rays of Light

Hello there, everyone.

It’s about 10:30 am on this muggy Monday morning, though this post won’t probably go up till later this afternoon. I’ve got a lot of different things going on today and I am partly through with them all. Continue reading Rays of Light