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Travel Art – A Monday Update

Hey, art lovers.

This week is getting off to a very interesting start. I’m currently in Minneapolis and while I love the ambiance and busyness (in moderation), I wish we were here on better circumstances. Today, my father in law is having surgery and while it isn’t a life-threatening situation, it always bring about the nerves and worry if complications should arise.

Lately, I’ve been a lot less inspired when it comes to my artistic passions and I believe it is largely due to the family and personal circumstances that have arose over the past month or so.

Driving in the city is never a fun experience for us since we live among pastures and dirt roads, but as we approached I felt a rush within my spirit. Even with our -10F weather, I’ve been in awe of all the unique buildings and old architecture. There is a cold, crisp, chill in the air and the buildings were glistening with a frozen glaze visible from the light of the rising sun. I couldn’t help but to feel my artistic inspiration flowing while traveling into Minneapolis this morning and looking at all the old architecture and buildings. I always feel a rush when I’m in the city and it feels as if a part of me awakens whenever I experience this ambiance. Art is alive here.

My husband has never been a fan of the city or anywhere there is an abundance of people and traffic-especially the traffic. We do share a lot of those similar feelings. We love being around nature and having our own peaceful, quiet space. However, as an artist, I really appreciate the creative life and all of the different kinds of characters you can un into within the city. The old historic landmarks add fuel to my creative fires and the abundance of museums and art galleries provide worlds of inspiration.

While I’m not here on the best of circumstances, I am trying really hard to make the best out of a bad situation. New environments can provide us with many new avenues for inspiration to spark from. We simply need to open our mind to retrieving and really seeing. Being close-minded has only ever hindered my creativity.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut and have been lacking inspiration, I highly suggest trying something new to get you out of your normal routine. It could be exactly what you need to remind yourself of why you started your journey in the first place.

I’ll chat again soon, friends. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



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Announcement Time! Art Update!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll have noticed that last week has been a little rocky for me. I’ve got announcements and updates of all sorts, so I just wanted to fill you guys in really quick.

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of art last week and not being able to keep up with my YouTube upload schedule. I feel really bad about it and am in the process of planning out all of the paintings for February so I don’t miss anything.

Last Monday, I posted a blog about having to go on a trip for about a month and I just wanted to let you all know that I just found out that this trip got CANCELLED!! I am relieved about this change and it has taken a huge weight off my chest-and definitely freed up my schedule. That being said, everything will be able to continue as normal aside from what happened last week.

If you’re new to my blog, then WELCOME! I post new art/update blogs every Monday and share random life events and announcements here. I also have started a new series of posts about wellness and Young Living related topics since I am also a part of that business but those posts are under the “Lifestyle & Wellness” category of blogs. I’m trying to keep those topics separate.

I also write a newsletter every month that fills you guys in on what is to come and gives notices of any sales, shows, and pop-up events. I’ll leave the link here if you guys want to sign up! I also mail out goodies to everyone on my list during the month of your birthday as a little thank you gift for supporting my journey.

Again, I really want to apologize for the lack of content last week, but I assure you, I’ll have something new for you all this time around!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Stay Warm!

Xoxo, Q

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This is My Last Week…

Good afternoon, my friends!

Today, I’m getting fired up a little later than I’d have liked to. I was trying to avoid the caffeine, but I really needed the extra oomph this morning! I think a cold is starting up and I’m not surprised because the high temperature for the week is about -10 (Fahrenheit) give or take a few degrees.

Anyway, from the title of this blog, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on. I’m actually going on a trip for a little while and it is going to be at least a month (at this moment) before I’m able to get back to my normal routines. This week is going to be my last normal week for a good amount of time. I’m not allowed to disclose when where or why, but it’s basically a work trip and I don’t anticipate being able to create any new content for you guys while I’m gone. ūüôĀ

I wish I could give you all the details, but that isn’t the case, unfortunately. I hope you all understand. I may still be active on my social media, but I won’t be able to update you on any new YouTube videos, blogs, or new artworks, until I get back. I may still be able to answer emails and such too, but please keep in mind that shop orders won’t be fulfilled as well until I return. There will be a notice in my shop in case you all forget.

That being said, I’ve got a crazy busy week planned as I’m preparing for the trip and finishing up all of the work I’ve got to do before I leave. I hope you all have a very productive week! I’ll fill you all in once I get back from my trip! The YouTube video for this week will still be uploaded and I may post another blog before I go. No promises, but I will try my best!

Have a great week, everyone!

I will miss you!

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New Year’s Eve…Reflection on 2018

So, today is the last day of 2018.

New Year’s Eve is a beautiful time for reflection of what was accomplished within the last year. When I look back at 2018, what stands out mostly for me is a time of learning and some very important decisions and life changes. I find myself feeling a flood of emotions looking back and some of the things I’ve been able to¬†pull myself¬†through¬†still shocks¬†me to this day.

Without going into a ton of detail, I wanted to recap something wonderful that happened every month. Continue reading New Year’s Eve…Reflection on 2018

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Update! Story Behind My Last Painting

Good morning again, loyal readers and happy Monday!

I hope the weekend treated you all well! I find myself extremely motivated this morning and for good reason. We’ll get into that in a minute.

First off, I don’t really have many exciting art-related announcements to share with you all. I pretty much covered that whole thing in my last art blog. (Missed it? I’ll leave a link here.) I still have a good amount of canvases and paint so no new art supplies just yet.

I think the new YouTube routine has been going well. I’ve been uploading a new video every Thursday for the past month now. I think I’ve accustomed pretty well to filming my painting process and slowly, but surely, I’m getting better/faster at my video editing skills. yay! Practice really does make perfect!-we’re getting there. Speaking of YouTube though, I’m totally obsessing over my latest featured piece. It describes a soulful connection between a woman and a wolf.

I titled it “Escort” and wanted to give a somewhat seductive/vulnerable vibe. The woman and wolf seem to have a certain closeness and familiarity. She’s comfortable around him and his beaming red eyes look at the viewer and almost say to them:¬†“Don’t mess with her.” He is big and frightening but she’s got her arm on him suggesting that he’s belongs to her: he is her protector and will escort her safely. As already stated in the video, these paintings are reserved for the first month after creation exclusively for patrons, but I will make this available on my website once that time period passes by. Prints and posters will also be made available as well!

See it on YouTube

In the video for this piece I talked about how important I think it is to put yourself out there and to just simply be yourself. I was vulnerable in recording this video and it’s the first one I’ve published that has me discussing a topic (first time really using my mic). If you’ve missed it, I’ll leave a link here. I think I’m going to do more of these videos from now on. It’s more interesting to listen to a topic/story while watching a painting video than to just be listening to music, in my opinion. So far, my subscribers seemed to have enjoyed the change as well! Definitely be on the lookout Thursday for when I upload this week’s YouTube Featured Acrylic Painting video. I’m going to be going over another art/supportive topic for that painting as well and I’d love to hear your feedback on these kinds of videos!

That’s all I really have for art related announcements, BUT! I am so excited that now I am only days away from seeing my husband for Christmas! I’m extremely eager to get my work for this week accomplished so that I can just get to marking sure everything is prepared for his arrival! He will be here for about a week and I’m still debating exactly on how I’m going to about my upload schedule for that week. Obviously I’m going to be wanting to devote that time to him while he’s here – it’s also the week of Christmas so there’s that too. I may still be able to get blogs up that week, but as for the painting video on that Thursday, I may just end up doing a vlog or something of that nature. I’m almost positive that I won’t have a new painting that week unless I can manage to double my workload this week-not likely.

That’s all I’ve really got for today, guys. Just thinking about all I’ve got to do within the next few days is making my head spin! I’m gonna get to work now.

I’ll see you guys in the next one!

Stay tuned!

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Festive Friday Day 2: Art & Almond Ginger Soy Latte

Hello again and happy Friday, everyone!

Welcome to Day #2 of my Holiday Blog series, Festive Friday.

For today, I’ve got something warm and cozy in store you. With Thanksgiving fast on the way, I was planning on featuring my famous stuffed mushrooms for today’s post, but I wanted to keep things a little more simple with how busy things have been lately. I also may have eaten most of the mushrooms already because I forgot I was saving them and my hunger got the best of me. Heh heh…This leads us to plan B which is my favorite go-to warm beverage that is perfect for this time of the year and guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy. Continue reading Festive Friday Day 2: Art & Almond Ginger Soy Latte

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What Now? Holiday art series?

Hello again, everyone!

I feel like I’ve been a little absent since my last blog post about the 30 Days of Fall closing. I took a few days after writing that post to give some attention to other areas of my life. I spent some time catering to myself and relaxing. I’m pretty sick in the head apparently because my idea of relaxing always relates to cleaning of sorts. Ha…I got a lot of deep cleaning and organizing done around the house in preparation for Christmas decorating. I am really excited for that!

Over the weekend, I had drill and that actually went very well. I got a lot accomplished and lately I’ve noticed that my entire attitude about drill and military obligation has changed since I left my restaurant job. I don’t feel drained and exhausted any more and I¬† feel so full of life; Continue reading What Now? Holiday art series?

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Following your Passion Despite People’s Opinions

Have you ever taken a trip simply for the feeling of freedom and control over your life? I have recently found myself on the other end of the country for work (military obligation). I used this as an opportunity to seek out adventure, inspiration, and in all honesty, to seek out myself. Continue reading Following your Passion Despite People’s Opinions