Inspired by a fossilized cave bear tooth in her studio, Quintessa created this piece while dealing with creative pressure and imposter syndrome as an emerging artist. She wanted to create a piece dedicated solely to painting what inspired her. In that moment, it was painting hands, this fossil, and the rest is purely emotional.

“Eventually we all reach a point in our lives where, in order to make an impact and to do what we were placed on this earth to do, we need to be honest about who we are and re-evaluate the way we present ourselves to others-and ourselves at times.”

This is a YouTube Featured Original Painting.

Created in January, 2019.

8″x 10″ inch Acrylic paint on gesso-primed panel.

Glossy Varnish for protection.

Beautiful golden ornate wooden frame.

Ready to hang

Approximate Size with frame:  (14 1/2″ x 16 1/2″)

Worldwide shipping.

Written by QuinDu Creations

My name is Quintessa Du Bois and I am 25 years old. I am an American living in northern Minnesota. I am building my life around art, writing, travel, and have recently been getting into photography. I live with my husband and three huskies in a little farmhouse about an hour and a half away from the metro. Join me on my journey of self-discovery and freedom.