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10th Art Video Celebration!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! 😀 You may have noticed, but I just celebrated my 10th art-related video on my YouTube channel! I made a new kind of video to celebrate it and it was just uploaded on Friday, but I’ll leave it here in case you missed it!

I really enjoyed filming and editing this video and am very excited to say that I will be uploading more content like this on my Patreon channel from now on! There may be an occasional enticing YouTube leak too if you’re lucky (wink wink). I think one of the major things that has been stopping me from uploading these tutorial and real-time types of videos is the lack of knowledge on the many different video editing skills and tasks.

I only just learned how to do a dual screen video and while there is room for improvement, I definitely see video improvements constantly being made every week I upload a new project.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did, be sure to check out my Patreon channel! I need your support to keep this up!

I’ll check back in soon! Have a great week and kick some butt!



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Another Monday Update: He’s Home!

Happy Monday, loyal readers! That is to say a VERY happy Monday for me because Jonathon is finally back home! I’m so happy!

After months of toughing it out on my own, I feel so excited and so blessed to have him back in my life again! I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes at this thinking that I’m being dramatic and that it’s only been a few months. Let me just say that while that is true, I live in Minnesota and he was in Texas. We were lucky to have been in the same time zone, but most of the time, our phone service would kick out. Me living in the boonies means that I don’t get the best reception and him being on a military base in the middle of nowhere made it so very difficult to have a conversation because calls would always be dropping and getting broken up. Just the way that I am with my love language means that I need to express my thoughts and feelings through communication. This was a very trying time for us and I feel so relieved and excited that he’s home again! Being dual-military, I’m sure more times will come where we are separated for a good amount of time, but we will face those trials as they arise. For now, I can simply breathe easy and enjoy his company again.

Oofta! Sorry, guys. This wasn’t meant to be a rant about how much I’ve missed my husband! Haha. We’ve spent the past few days together catching up, but now it’s Monday again and that means it’s time to get down to business!

I had to order some more of the gesso boards so that I could continue the current series I’m working on. I really wanted them all to be on the same brand of boards for consistency. So far, I’ve been LOVING the Mona Liza brand above the Trekell ones I’ve tried and have bought a set of the 9×12 on Amazon as a set of 6. I really enjoy the sturdiness of the boards and the texture is so smooth as opposed to the Trekell. This is only personal opinion, but I really love the smooth buttery feeling because it works perfectly for blending. If you like a more textured surface, these may not be the best for you although they are extremely sturdy. The set I bought was a pretty fair price too. I feel like I really enjoy the 9×12 size because they are just big enough. It’s easier to commit to it and gives you a little more than the small 8×10’s. For me, it’s the perfect middle-ground size. If you guys want to check it out, I’ll leave the Amazon link for those here. I have partnered with Amazon, so if you do decide to purchase it, I will receive a small commission just so you guys are aware. It’s not a lot, but it would definitely help me out and I want to be up front about that! I’ve also shown this brand in my Instagram stories before and I really do recommend them!

The series that I’m working on currently I think I’ve mentioned before has to do with the theme “transformation” and there are two more pieces that will be added to it. One of them I’m working on this week and is going to be the brother piece for the painting of the woman titled “Metamorphosis.”

I am very excited to work on this one! The inspiration flowed my way last week, but I was unfortunately waiting on my gessoboards to come in the mail! Now that they are here and I’ve given you an idea of what’s to come, I really need to get to it!

I hope you all have a great week! Tune in on my Instagram page on Wednesday to see the WIP (work in progress) for the new brother piece! To get a more in depth look and extra content, be sure to also check out my Patreon channel. I give patrons exclusive behind the scenes shots of my process and first looks and Patron-only sneak peeks and content. I also host a month “Fan Art shout-out” opportunity art challenge similar to the trend, “draw this in your style.” It’s a lot of fun over there and I am working on creating more content for those special people.

I’ll be back in a bit!

Have a great day!



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Announcement Time! Art Update!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll have noticed that last week has been a little rocky for me. I’ve got announcements and updates of all sorts, so I just wanted to fill you guys in really quick.

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of art last week and not being able to keep up with my YouTube upload schedule. I feel really bad about it and am in the process of planning out all of the paintings for February so I don’t miss anything.

Last Monday, I posted a blog about having to go on a trip for about a month and I just wanted to let you all know that I just found out that this trip got CANCELLED!! I am relieved about this change and it has taken a huge weight off my chest-and definitely freed up my schedule. That being said, everything will be able to continue as normal aside from what happened last week.

If you’re new to my blog, then WELCOME! I post new art/update blogs every Monday and share random life events and announcements here. I also have started a new series of posts about wellness and Young Living related topics since I am also a part of that business but those posts are under the “Lifestyle & Wellness” category of blogs. I’m trying to keep those topics separate.

I also write a newsletter every month that fills you guys in on what is to come and gives notices of any sales, shows, and pop-up events. I’ll leave the link here if you guys want to sign up! I also mail out goodies to everyone on my list during the month of your birthday as a little thank you gift for supporting my journey.

Again, I really want to apologize for the lack of content last week, but I assure you, I’ll have something new for you all this time around!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Stay Warm!

Xoxo, Q

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This is My Last Week…

Good afternoon, my friends!

Today, I’m getting fired up a little later than I’d have liked to. I was trying to avoid the caffeine, but I really needed the extra oomph this morning! I think a cold is starting up and I’m not surprised because the high temperature for the week is about -10 (Fahrenheit) give or take a few degrees.

Anyway, from the title of this blog, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on. I’m actually going on a trip for a little while and it is going to be at least a month (at this moment) before I’m able to get back to my normal routines. This week is going to be my last normal week for a good amount of time. I’m not allowed to disclose when where or why, but it’s basically a work trip and I don’t anticipate being able to create any new content for you guys while I’m gone. 🙁

I wish I could give you all the details, but that isn’t the case, unfortunately. I hope you all understand. I may still be active on my social media, but I won’t be able to update you on any new YouTube videos, blogs, or new artworks, until I get back. I may still be able to answer emails and such too, but please keep in mind that shop orders won’t be fulfilled as well until I return. There will be a notice in my shop in case you all forget.

That being said, I’ve got a crazy busy week planned as I’m preparing for the trip and finishing up all of the work I’ve got to do before I leave. I hope you all have a very productive week! I’ll fill you all in once I get back from my trip! The YouTube video for this week will still be uploaded and I may post another blog before I go. No promises, but I will try my best!

Have a great week, everyone!

I will miss you!

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Still Awaiting Oil Supplies: Same Old, Same Old!

Good morning, readers! Happy Monday and happy MLK Day! If you have the day off, I really hope you enjoy the extra sleep and relaxation that today brings. For me, I’m back at it this morning though I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t slept in a little this morning too!

For today’s blog, I don’t have any new updates. I am currently and VERY IMPATIENTLY awaiting a few orders of supplies and frames to come in the mail. I try not to think about it, but whenever I’m waiting for a package, what little patience I have ends up going down the drain. I will try my best to keep my composure throughout the week – for all our sakes.

Since I don’t have that supplies in, this week’s piece is going to be (most likely) another acrylic painting on panel. I really enjoyed working on that surface. If you missed last week’s video, check it out here. I’m searching out reference photos today for my concept sketch, but I do have a few commissions that I could get started with this week instead. We will see happens. I don’t even know yet.

Sorry for the short and sweet one today, guys!

Have a great day and an amazing week!

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Supply Haul! New Materials & Oil Beginnings

First thing’s first: Sorry for being such a frog on a log last week. I don’t know what came over me, but I had a really bad case of negative vibes and had been depressed the whole week. I normally try to remain a very positive person, but we all have bad days and for me, it’s just unfortunate that it became a bad week.

Aside from all that, today is an exciting day for me because I just got some of my new art supplies in! Hello oils! The color tubes were the first thing for me to get in the mail and I am still awaiting a shipment from Trekell. If you’re an artist and you don’t know who they are, I highly recommend you check out their website! I was amazed when I saw the prices of their supplies (some were up to 40% off)!

Since I’m just starting out in oils, I’ve went on with the Gamblin brand recommendation from other artist friends. For acrylic paints, I have been such a huge fan of Grumbacher products hands down, but Gamblin seems to be the ring leader when it comes to oil painting!

Last week, aside from being in a negative funk, I also had an issue with the painting I was working on and was never able to upload a YouTube video as a result. I hate when I’m not able to keep up with my uploading schedule even though most people understand. It was another canvas piece and I am sad to say that the canvas just couldn’t hold the amount of layers I was putting on. In the end, things got so messy and “cakey” that I wasn’t able to achieve a smooth look and the paint was beginning to smudge and wasn’t adhering correctly. I was so frustrated by this problem that I hadn’t even finished and had to deem it a lost cause. I am all for never giving up on your art, but in this case, there really wasn’t much I could have done. I set it aside as a learning process.

Because of this experience, I am even more excited to try painting on my Gessoboards. They are so much more sturdy and I can’t wait to start off my oil paintings on one of these surfaces. I’ve heard so many good things. These are the ones I went with by Mona Liza:

Will I still be using canvas, you may ask? While I am currently receiving a few canvases in the mail as well, I am mainly going to be saving them for commissions. I currently have a few commissions I need to start that the clients wish to be done on canvas, so I will probably only create content on the wood panels moving forward.

I’ve also been doing a little tweaking on my website to make things a little easier to navigate! You will find my newly updated commission terms and conditions as well as my artist statement! I finally felt confident to write these up, and I think it really helps me step into a more professional role as an artist. Check those out if you’ve ever been interested in a commission or wish to hear more of what my art and style is all about!

I feel like this has been a very boring post. Sorry about that! I am so flattered if you stuck around to read the whole thing! I just wanted to give you an update so you won’t be completely caught off guard with the new look of my art that is soon to come! This week’s piece will definitely be on one of my new wooden panels, but I’m not sure if I will be using oils just yet. That depends on if I get the rest of the supplies in time.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

Have a blessed week and a fabulous Monday!

I’ll check back in soon!

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Taking it Slowly

Good evening.

I’ve been having a bit of a slow day today and am not much in the spirits of writing, but I still wanted to honor my word of updating my blog since today is Monday.

After a busy drill weekend, I find myself attempting to re-adjust to the pattern of my art routine. Last week was very busy all around and I had a lot on my mind so much that it had really began to weigh me down. I can still feel the stress and wear within my body. I was feeling anxious about so many different things.

The worst is feeling this way about things to which you have no control over. There are a lot of big decisions coming up in my life and I’m not sure how to approach them.

In light of all this, I decided that today was a good time to take a recovery day. I need to get myself back into my art flow and transition my mindset back into a positive one.

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself through the busyness of life. While I have still been in my studio taking care of admin-related things, I have been doing so at a slow pace.

I’ve lit some sage and palo santo and tuned into my physical and mental well-being.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day to yourself.

Thank you for being patient with me while I check into myself.

I’ll check back in with you soon.♄



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Festive Friday, Day #8: Holiday Re-cap & New Beginnings

Good morning, loyal readers!

Welcome to the

very last episode of Festive Friday!

As you are all aware, the holiday season has come to a close and we are now in the start of a brand new year. I hope you all had a great time celebrating with friends and family, but now as things start winding down, I hope you will make some time to tend to yourselves and your own needs.

For me, January symbolizes a time of re-birth and new beginnings. My birthday is on the 18th of the month and with the start of each year, I also get another year older almost right off the bat. This serves me as a wonderful reminder that the past is the past and with each year I am another year wiser and closer to my goals.

With that, in today’s post I wanted to share with you all a few festive pictures I took with my family using my new DSLR camera. Continue reading Festive Friday, Day #8: Holiday Re-cap & New Beginnings

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New Year’s Eve…Reflection on 2018

So, today is the last day of 2018.

New Year’s Eve is a beautiful time for reflection of what was accomplished within the last year. When I look back at 2018, what stands out mostly for me is a time of learning and some very important decisions and life changes. I find myself feeling a flood of emotions looking back and some of the things I’ve been able to pull myself through still shocks me to this day.

Without going into a ton of detail, I wanted to recap something wonderful that happened every month. Continue reading New Year’s Eve…Reflection on 2018