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Manifesting Your Dreams

I missed another Monday post yesterday, but for some reason I don’t feel like it started my week off rough at all. Normally, when I’m not able to give you all the weekly update on Monday, I don’t feel as productive and feel as if I’m out of touch with things. This time, however, I have good reason for forgetting – I swear! I spent the ENTIRE day painting a from sun up to sun down and completely lost track of the time! What was I working on? You’ll find out soon enough. Just keep in touch with me on my blog and Instagram!

As for today, I’ve spent the past several hours this morning preparing a new vision/manifestation board for my work area. It has been NINE MONTHS since I’ve completed my previous set of goals! WOW. Time sure does fly. It’s been awhile since I’ve used that phrase. RIght? Well, anyway, I have been finding it hard to focus on my goals lately and I have been unmotivated (as I’m sure you guys have all noticed). I’ve been using my time to complete and work on my studio space, but not having created any new art within the past few months has had me feeling off and out of my normal vibration. It wasn’t until just recently that I discovered why that might be. My vision board was nearly complete and I hadn’t set any new goals for months!

Being a capricorn and a heavy duty organizer / planner, I realized that it was possible that this may have been a huge reason for my lack of motivation and productivity I’ve been experiencing. We all fall into slumps at times, but I’ve about had it with the slump that I’ve been in and for the past few weeks have felt more myself and more like the artist and role model I want to be. About dang time.

The vision board I last completed was back in October 2018, and had a monochromatic black & white theme to ease my busy mind. I’ll link that post here if you would like to see how I created it. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to accomplish about 85% of all my goals that I had set for myself within the past 9 months. A lot of the time I wasn’t even completely focused on them so perhaps that’s why I wasn’t able to manifest ALL of my goals, but I am very pleased with the blessings that did end up flowing my way.

If you are unfamiliar with vision / dream boards, I highly suggest that you do a little research for yourself on the Law of Attraction. The basic principle is that we create our own realities by the way we think, act, and feel. If you’re a positive person, you will attract that sort of energy and goodness into your life. By creating a singular space where we are able to physically visualize our goals and dreams, we have a way of welcoming those goals / visions to come into our reality. A lot of people will do this sort of thing at the beginning of the year and eventually fall off the wagon. I’ve been guilty of this too. In my experience, in order to be successful, it’s important to constantly keep those goals in front of you and to constantly change them and set new ones as you accomplish the old ones. It’s been nine months and I’m making a new one because my old one wasn’t serving me any longer. It doesn’t have to be a yearly ritual just as long as you are still inspired by your board and are still actively pursuing those goals. I’m sure someone else has explained it better, but I can’t suggest the helpfulness and importance of these enough, friends!

While I did enjoy the simplicity of my last board, I decided to change it up a bit this time and throw in some color. This time, I found it useful to use up an old canvas that I had messed up (oops). I just chose images that represented my goals and things I wanted to welcome into my life and cut the images to size. I glued them onto the canvas to make for a quick and easy way to put it all together. Lightweight. Easy to hang. Inspiring.

Lately, I have been practicing daily positive affirmations to help with keeping my mood in check. I put a few of my favorites up there to remind myself on the regular. My board features things that I’d like to obtain for my business as well as travel, physical, and personal development goals. I’m a huge believer in energies as well and used my clear quartz pendant and sage bundle to say a little prayer of gratitude over the accomplishments of my last board and to set positive intentions for my new one. ♡

I feel such a vibrant and positive energy radiating from my new studio space – especially now that I’ve updated my vision board! I’ve got a business to build and dreams to manifest. I encourage you all to take charge of your dreams as well because dreams are only goals without action. Make them come true, friends.

Happy Tuesday and manifest the heck out of your week! ♡ ♡ ♡



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My Unfinished Finished Studio (UPDATE)

Summer is simply flying by. I hope you have all been enjoying it and making the most of it! For today’s post, I wanted to give you all a very quick update on where I’m at with the art studio and a brief idea of what’s to come.

For the past several weeks, I have been working on my new art studio space. For those of you who may be new or don’t know what I’m talking about, I have moved my studio from a small bedroom in my home to the basement/ lower level of my house. The pros: 3xs the space, more permanent in the long haul, opens up an extra guest bedroom in our house, more square footage to claim for my business taxes, and overall, a more free and dedicated work environment. The cons: colder and drearier space initially, unfinished – needs flooring, ceiling, AND drywall, tons of extra effort that takes away from time to make art and create. In the case of moving my studio, the pros much outweighed the cons, at least in the long run. I’ve just needed to be able to put up with the shape it was in when I got started with all of the renovations.

Thankfully, with all of the effort that I’ve been putting in, I’m now at a place where my studio is functioning like normal again! Most of the walls are up and painted and it seems like its slowly all coming together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nowhere near “complete,” but it IS at a place where I’m comfortably able to work in it and get my ass in gear again! It’s seemed like one excuse after another for not creating new art and now that I’ve got a brighter, more artistically supportive space, I feel I can finally start tackling some projects I’ve been neglecting.

Whenever I come down to the studio now, I always feel a surplus of inspiration and creativity flowing into me. It is my hope that I will be able to share a video this week (or possibly next week) showing you all the progress I’ve been making. I’m somewhat nervous because it’s still not where I want it to be, but you guys have been waiting long enough for an update.

I’m also going to be holding a summer sale in my shop to celebrate my current studio success! Sale will start next week so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and follow my stories on Instagram for updates!

Thank you all for your patience and kind words while going throughout this transition. You all mean the world to me.

“Living in a world full of roses she chose to be a dandelion. Some might only see mere weeds, but others see endless wishes.”



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Appreciating Today

We’re officially in the month of July, but all I can seem to think about right now is autumn and the luxuries that come with it. I’m already anticipating the next season: fall, the crisp weather, and all of the plans I have for my art and the growth of my business. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer time, but it is often so busy and flies by before we’re even able to take a second glance. Catching up with friends and family warms my heart in the best of ways and the summertime is always a great opportunity to do all sorts of fun social activities. As an empath and naturally introverted person, however, I rather enjoy the quiet months the most. The summer can tend to be over-stimulating for me and I’ve found it important to schedule some alone time where I can enjoy my own company and work on the things that will promote personal and professional growth. Time is the key and I just wanted to touch base on why it’s important for us to start doing this today.

Here’s a small example – Jonahon and I had the honor of joining a marriage ceremony of two of our childhood friends on Saturday. It reminded me of just how fast time flies. We’ve been married for over 6 years now and we’re at the point where we are starting to see some of our friends catching up to us now. We got married very young, but when you know, you know. It brought back so many memories over the past 10 years and I was reminded that those 10 years have flashed before my eyes. For a large portion of those years, I had been wrapped up in planning for the future and mapping out my life and goals. I was so caught up in the future that I had forgotten about the present. Most of the plans I made back then never even manifested in the future because plans change.

My point is, time is something we always feel like we have so much of, but yet still seems to disappear faster than we realize. That is why this week, I’m doing all I can to appreciate today for what it is and to be thankful for today. With Independence Day weekend coming up, most people are doing the opposite; planning all the cook-outs, bbqs, fireworks, camping & boating adventures, etc. It’s a busy time and a busy week for many that’s why I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to focus on being more centered and appreciative with where I’m at in the present moment.

It’s in our nature to always want more and to keep anticipating “the next best thing” instead of taking a step back and appreciating our current blessings. That’s what is going to be my focus this week as I plan for the remainder of summer and heading into the coming months. I challenge you all to be more present with me. Being aware of the present moment with a grateful heart is what is going to improve our outlook on the moments to come.

This may seem like an obvious topic that comes off as a no-brainer, but I really hope that it’s served you all as a good reminder. Chase your dreams, work on your goals, and plan for the next season, but don’t forget to stop and appreciate where you are today. Time alters for no one and I hope this simply helps you to remember to make the most of each small moment. Have a great week, friends.

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Creating a Space Takes Time

We’re back on another Monday morning, friends. I hope you all had a fantastic past few days. I enjoy clocking out so much on the weekends, but I’m always very excited for Monday to arrive. Isn’t that amazing? Never once have I worked a job where I have been happy and excited to start the work week! The joy of creating a life you love is blissful. ♥

The past few days, along with the few to come have been very rainy and gloomy outside. I’m doing my best to enjoy it and not let it affect my productivity this week! Being Monday morning, so far so good I’m happy to say! Today, I’ve got a lot packed within my head that I wanna do and it feels like not enough time to accomplish it all!

One. Step. At. A. Time.

I know. I’ve never been one that’s very patient and it’s definitely a skill I’ve been working on as of late. It’s just still so weird to me being down here in the basement and having SO much space for all my art and creativity. Not being finished a finished room, however, does have its challenges. The cold concrete floors leave more to be desired and with pieces of drywall scattered around everywhere I’ve been feeling like it’s pointless to set anything up because we would simply just have to move it eventually when we do get around to completing the renovations. Did I mention that we were doing the renos ourselves? Much more difficult that way. I know it’s not going to be a speedy process and I have been trying to remind myself how lucky that I am and to be thankful.

My husband and I had an interesting conversation the other day. He reminded me that when I first began painting, it was in a small little nursery in our first house. I had just discovered a piece of myself that I had never known. I was free-spirited and passionate about something for the first time in a long time. The feeling pressed me and my husband both and he surprised me for my birthday and had started re-doing the nursery. He was painting the walls my color of choice and had told me that it was going to be an art studio. One of the many reasons I love him.

I didn’t need all the things I now desire in the past. I just worked with what I had and I created. My art was so free back then. I’m so thankful that he brought this up because that was a time I had almost forgotten about. Before it was ever the “dream space” for my art, I worked with what I had and did so with nothing but happiness and humility. I was so full of joy whenever I worked in there. Thinking back to those days when I was discovering myself, when I knew I was an artist, has been so inspiring for me as of late.

That’s the reason for one of the big projects I’ve given myself this week. I’m just going go with the flow until we’re complete with the renovations down here. I don’t know when that will be, but I’m not going to simply just sit around staring at these un-painted walls. It’s going to take time, but I’m going to start setting up my space again this week.

After all, I’ve got some art to create.



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Did I Give Up on Art? (Summer Update)

Good morning, friends!

Summer is here and it’s been a HOT minute since I’ve shared a blog post with you guys! For the longest time, I had never missed a post, even through holidays, but lately, I’ve been having a hard time keeping still and posting regularly! Things change with the seasons, I guess!

I’ve been away for various reasons: military, family events, and other things that are out of my control. This week, however, I’m back to my normal routine, for the most part. I am in my new studio and am still trying to make sense of the big change! Some of you may recall that I announced near the end of May that I was going to be a little less focused on my art for the summer due to many varying reasons. I thought I’d write a post about it so we’re all on the same page here and so that you can possibly see where I’m coming from.

Firstly, I live in a state where we get decent weather for less than half of the year. The summer months are our time to tackle various home projects, work on our homestead, and enjoy the beauty of nature. When it’s nice outside, I have a hard time staying cooped up inside the house or studio. It’s hard enough having freezing temps half the year so I try to get out and enjoy the sun while I can.

Secondly, I have a new studio space! In the end it will be bigger and better, but for now, it’s a little rough. I’m in an unfinished basement fro the most part and don’t have very many of my things easily accessible. We’re hoping to finish the basement (TONS OF WORK) before winter hits us again!

Lastly, I have been on a roll with my Young Living oils business! You guys know from my IG that I have been into essential oils since January. I’m climbing the ranks and am starting to make a really reliable income through it. By focusing on my oily endeavors and business, I’m creating a sustainable income that will help tremendously since I have been self-employed for the past several months! As you all know, art income is extremely inconsistent. By building a business with such a solid income, I’m able to freely continue painting and doing what I love without the stress and pressure of selling and making money off of it.

I know a lot of people have thought that I’m “quitting” my art and that I’m giving up on painting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m still going to be creating art and bringing new content forward. I’m simply taking some of the business stress and focus off of my art, hence allowing me to be more free and consistent in my work. Creating art feels a whole lot more different when you start forcing it to make income. I still have a show this fall and am hoping to have a few new pieces to share with you until that moment comes.

As far as announcements go, life has been crazy busy! I’m sure it’s the same for you guys as well! Summer just comes and goes so fast and we’re trying to catch it before it’s gone again!

I think that about sums it all up for now. I do have a garden that needs some watering.

I’ll catch up with you guys again soon. ♡



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Patreon on My Mind

Good morning, loyal readers!

I missed yet ANOTHER Monday update! I must be on a roll here now. It just so happened that my husband had off Monday for a doctors appointment and since we had both been working the weekend, we figured a day off was in order.

I don’t have anything out of the ordinary to talk about this week, however, so I will just leave this video below that I posted last Friday. It basically sums up what’s been going on and what’s been on my mind-mostly in relation to Patreon and how I am finding myself thinking about that platform more and more.

Its a longer video and is just short of an hour, but if you guys find yourself with the time, go ahead and give it a view and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.

Lastly, the shop sale has now ended and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. ♡ I hope you all enjoy your new art and necklaces!

That’s about it for now, friends, as I am about to resume my painting. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!



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I Missed My Monday Update! Life, Art, & Oily Things

Hello, friends and loyal readers!

So, for the first time in EIGHT MONTHS, I have actually missed my Monday blog update! Oh no! Things have been getting so busy now that the weather is getting nicer and it must’ve just slipped my mind! It has been a very good change of pace though and I have been enjoying the warmth that has finally made its way to Minnesota.

As far as updates go, I’m not really sure where to begin. My last few blogs were so short and seem like they were so long ago that I’m not even sure what I talked about or what I updated you on. Technically, I could scroll down a little and re-read those posts, but I’d rather be a little more ambiguous and possibly redundant this morning. If I repeat myself, I apologize!

So, you guys may have noticed that I added some oily products to my shop! Ever since I began with Young Living, I’ve been struggling with finding the right rhythm for working with these two seemingly different businesses. These are only the start of many more products to come and I’m excited to show you guys the rest of what I got planned! I’ve listed them below if you want to check them out!

In regards to my art, I’ve been spending a lot more time in recent days focusing solely on losing my sense of “business” and have granted myself the permission and the freedom to just lose myself and paint freely without any other cares or concerns. The only thing that makes doing so difficult is the fact that I feel extremely guilty if I’m not recording while doing so. Aside from that restriction, it has been VERY helpful to just paint freely and enjoy the whole process again. I love getting my hands and legs dirty with paint when I just “go for it.” The piece I’m working on is rather large and it will probably take a bit of time before I complete it., but definitely stay tuned in for that as I’m really excited to share it with you. You can also follow along with updates on my Instagram account.

Lately, I have also found myself really missing my Patreon account and the content I’d created for it. I have really been wanting to restart it. and freshen it up again, but I think I may need some help from you guys on what services I should change or alter. I’ll probably be posting about this again in the future, but just know that I’m missing offering some of my art rewards!

On the personal life update side of this post, I have been loving every minute of every day. With the nice weather, I’ve been outside running again, have been working in my garden, and have been considering getting some chickens to add to our little artsy farmhouse. All in due time as we are working on getting a coop set up.

In summary, life’s been a whirlwind, as is the story for most people. Exciting things are happening with my life and my career, so be sure to check back in every now and again!

As always, thank you all SO much for your love and support. I couldn’t do it without you guys!



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I’m back! And there’s a lot to do…

Good morning, friends!

It feels like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been around and I’m so beyond excited to get back to work this week! For those that don’t know, I am in the Air Force Reserve as well and there are times that I have to just disappear for that. Though I can never say exactly what is going on or when it’s happening, you can all assume that if I’m ever randomly quiet, that may be the reason why.

That being said, I’m so excited to get back to it today! I’m still away from home and won’t be back to the studio until tonight, but thankfully I brought supplies with me and am able to work on my way home today.

I feel like there is so much to catch up on, however. Even just being gone for a week makes things crazy. Followers drop cause I haven’t been consistently posting, shop order pile up (which is a good thing), and I haven’t been able to create any new content so I feel as if I have nothing to post about. It’s rough for business when this happens, but I do what I can.

I also feel as if there is a lot to tell you all. I have many new shop additions and announcements, but I haven’t gotten everything ready yet so I’m going to have to wait a little bit as much as it’s killing me. Once I get back to the studio and get settled again, I should be able to fill you in.

In case you missed it, even though I was gone, I had a video all scheduled to upload and it did go up on Friday. Check it out if you missed it! I’ll leave the link here.

Well, that’s the latest and greatest, friends. Thanks for reading as always. I know this is another short one, but I hope to catch up with you all! A week feels like an eternity.

Have an awesome week, everyone! Let’s crush it!



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On the Go – A Quick Update

Hey, friends!

I just wanted to let you all know real quickly that I’m out of the studio for the next week, until Monday, May 6th.

You may still place shop orders during this time, but they won’t be processed until then.

Also, don’t forget that the Mother’s Day sale is still going on! Use code: mom15 to save 15%!

Miss you guys already! Be back soon!