Quintessa Du Bois
Princeton, Minnesota

I have always enjoyed expressing myself in creative ways ever since I was young. As a teenager, I loved to draw and write poetry. I wrote in my journal nearly every day as I had always had difficulties expressing myself and my thoughts through spoken words. I discovered the world of painting and art and had found that I didn’t need to express myself through words at all: all I needed was a canvas and some paint. I had a passion for the arts and writing, but never considered pursuing it as a realistic career path for my life.

I went to a community college and earned my Associates degree in Arts and had planned on pursuing nursing, though I had always known deep down that it wasn’t the path my heart had always told me to follow. I worked at a little restaurant in Coon Rapids for many years following high school and it helped put me through college. Between work, environment, and school obligations, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt smothered. After years of struggling with anxiety and social pressure, my husband and I decided to move an hour north. This was close enough for us to commute to the city for work, but far enough away to escape the city lights and enjoy the northern lights in its place.

I discovered a newfound peace I had never had before. The nature and silence surrounding me gave me the room I needed to breathe and calmed my mind. It was at that point that I discovered something about myself. I knew what I wanted to do and felt it was finally time to start living for myself. In September of 2018, I quit my job that provided no fulfillment for myself and decided to dedicate myself fully to my creativity and art. Being so close to nature has allowed my spirit to soar and so many dreams have started to come to life.

I am now building my life around art, writing, travel, and have recently been getting into photography.

I live with my husband and three huskies in a little farmhouse about an hour and a half away from the metro. This story is only in the beginning chapters, but I am looking forward with optimism. I now know that the only thing that was ever standing in the way of my dreams was myself and my doubts. Join me on my journey of self-discovery and freedom.