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Good morning, readers! Happy Monday, and welcome back to another Monday Artist Blog! If you’re new, WELCOME! I have been doing these blogs every Monday for almost a year now as a way to keep everyone up to date on my adventures and progress since I decided to commit to a full-time art career. Consider these blogs as my public art journal for you to be able to read and follow along. I have been fully self-employed through my art and wellness business for nearly a year now. Blog topics typically range from quick updates on upcoming events, shop additions, artist experiences, and just life of an emerging artist in general. I normally keep these pretty short as a quick-read experience for my followers. I love to stay authentic and personable with you guys and if you think this is something you might enjoy reading, consider subscribing so that you can get notified of when I create new posts. You guys are amazing.  ♥

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Thanks for bearing with me through that intro! Normally I just jump right into my announcement right away! This is going to be a busy week, friends. I want to start it off with a bang because I’ve got a lot of deadlines coming up! Coffee is helping! As time gets closer, I will be giving you some updates should everything go well! Stay tuned! Other than the things I can’t quite share yet, I wanted to comment on something! So, some of you may have noticed from my social media platforms that I recently began experimenting with oil painting! I’ve had the supplies for quite some time now, but have never given them a try until recently. Here are a few shots of the pieces I have been working on. They are both pet portraits on birch and I have a love for painting on birch that I don’t think compares to anything else. I have been painting with Gamblin oils and have been using the Gamsol to prime the surfaces prior to beginning the paintings.

Over the past several months of creating art full-time, I have gotten into the habit of creating a new painting every week. That goal was easy to accomplish since my medium of choice has always been acrylic paint. This medium dries very fast and you can almost keep painting non-stop which I loved. It gave me the ability to push out new works a lot faster and I could complete my paintings rather quickly while I was in the inspirational zone and inspired by each work in that moment. Since I began using oils, I still have yet to fully complete a painting and instead, I have several paintings that have only just been started or are still only in the beginning layers. I have loved my experience with oils so far, but have been struggling with the amount of time it takes for layers to dry. I just ask for patience in relation to this because I am still trying to get my painting schedule down to accommodate this issue. I may just end up alternating between oils and acrylics to keep things exciting!

In other news…

Were you somewhat confused by the title of this one? Well, I am very excited to share with you that this week marks the last week of my first full year of self-employment! That being said, I thought it good to mention that this is going to be my LAST BLOG of this series: “The Journey Begins.”

I started the series as a way to document my first full year as a new artist and to share my trials and accomplishments within that time span. Now that the first year is coming to a close, I want to start a new series curated more towards myself as a developing and emerging artist. Essentially, things won’t be changing much as far as content and topics, though I am always looking for ways to improve and keep things interesting. Blogs will still be every Monday at a minimum and will simply fall under a new series category. Beginning next week, all art-related content and blog posts going forward will be appearing under the Category: “The QuinDu Journal.”

I figured that the style of my posts are already very casual and that this would be a fun title for my Art Blog going forward. I always did keep a journal throughout my adolescent years and perhaps old habits die hard, eh?

Thanks for reading, friends. I’ve got some paintings to work on! I’ll check back in soon with the new series. Thanks for the love and support this past year. Couldn’t have done it without all of you!



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