Fall Preparations

This is going to be another quick one this morning, friends! It’s already in the 40’s here in Minnesota. Oofta. Summer is truly simmering down and that has got me SO excited for what’s coming up! I’ve started to get involved a lot more in my local art community recently and I am currently working on setting up some events and collaborations for this fall season.

I’ll throw out some more details and such once things get finalized, but I am getting so excited for these next few months and some new opportunities! I’ll check in with you all soon! I’ve got a few deadlines that I’m chasing! Have a great week!



Written by QuinDu Creations

My name is Quintessa Du Bois and I am 25 years old. I am an American living in northern Minnesota. I am building my life around art, writing, travel, and have recently been getting into photography. I live with my husband and three huskies in a little farmhouse about an hour and a half away from the metro. Join me on my journey of self-discovery and freedom.

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