Failing Forward: A HARD LESSON

Good morning, readers! I hope everyone had a fun and exciting weekend! We got a lot of work outside done including starting our chicken coop build! More to come on that though. It’s Monday and we’re falling back into the groove of things again! I also just let the cat out of the bag with this morning’s Instagram post. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already! This post shared my “new” project with you all and what I have been working on aside from filming and editing my videos.

Basically, I had completed a commissioned painting for a client a few months ago and have been holding onto her until she’s ready to be shipped out. I loved creating this piece and have been so excited to send her to her new home. I was really proud of this painting and so was the person who was going to be receiving her.

Last Friday, however, I left the house to spend time with my brother for the day. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun shopping for crystals, going out to lunch, and just enjoying eachothers company . When I got home, my heart sank and I’ll tell you why. For those who may not know, I have three beautiful huskies in my household and they can be rather naughty when they are left alone unsupervised. Because of this, I have to kennel them whenever I leave the house-for their safety and the safety of my home.

I think you can all probably see where this may be going, right?

I discovered this a little over a week ago. I got home and the painting was torn out of its protective wrap I had stored it in and was chewed and shredded up in one of the dog’s kennels. The painting must’ve been sitting too close and he was able to get to it. Don’t ask for the logical reason behind how they do these sorts of things. Huskies are notorious for this sort of behaviour.

Needless to day, I was completely heartbroken. My first reaction was to scream in horror. Next, I cried and ran out of the room. I could honestly not have even looked at my dog for a while because I was so mad. I collected myself after about an hour and a phone call to my husband (who was at work and couldn’t do anything to change the situation) while I was crying hysterically. Some of you may be thinking that I over-reacted. Perhaps I did, but I want to highlight the importance our art means to we who create it. Us artists take our work very seriously and pour our hearts and souls into our work. Each painting holds an emotional and sentimental attachment and this is why art is so valuable. When you buy art, you are buying hours of hard work and dedication-plus a piece of the artist themselves.

To see my hard work come down to a naughty dog just simply shredding it up and leaving it in pieces on the floor was truly hard and spirit-crushing. You guys know that I have been recently been getting out of a creative block and dealing with imposter syndrome, so this was especially hard being the little cherry on top of the suck pie.

What I did next is what I believe defines me and my passion and dedication to my work. The only options available to me at this point were to either tell my client and refund her or to tell and re-create her piece. I chose option b despite the feeling of going backwards. I knew I owed it to my client and myself to continue, try again, and to not give up. It would have been easier to submit the refund and call it a loss and simply move on, but it wasn’t even an option for me. I didn’t even consider it and I’m so happy with the decision I made to continue and to re-create it.

In a way, the act of re-creating this piece was somewhat liberating. Since I already had this footage on my YouTube channel, I didn’t feel any pressure to record it and was simply able to sit back, get comfy, and paint. That, my friends, is something I haven’t done in a while. I felt so much peace and joy come from the relaxed setting and the painting came easily. Sometimes it’s easy to feel the pressure of painting for videos and for work, but my only intention with this piece was to re-create it and the simplicity of that goal gave me the creative boost I’ve been needing.

Two steps back but still moving forward. No matter what, don’t give up on yourselves.

Just get back to it.

Onward and upward, friends.

Let’s have a great week.

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