Manifesting Your Dreams

I missed another Monday post yesterday, but for some reason I don’t feel like it started my week off rough at all. Normally, when I’m not able to give you all the weekly update on Monday, I don’t feel as productive and feel as if I’m out of touch with things. This time, however, I have good reason for forgetting – I swear! I spent the ENTIRE day painting a from sun up to sun down and completely lost track of the time! What was I working on? You’ll find out soon enough. Just keep in touch with me on my blog and Instagram!

As for today, I’ve spent the past several hours this morning preparing a new vision/manifestation board for my work area. It has been NINE MONTHS since I’ve completed my previous set of goals! WOW. Time sure does fly. It’s been awhile since I’ve used that phrase. RIght? Well, anyway, I have been finding it hard to focus on my goals lately and I have been unmotivated (as I’m sure you guys have all noticed). I’ve been using my time to complete and work on my studio space, but not having created any new art within the past few months has had me feeling off and out of my normal vibration. It wasn’t until just recently that I discovered why that might be. My vision board was nearly complete and I hadn’t set any new goals for months!

Being a capricorn and a heavy duty organizer / planner, I realized that it was possible that this may have been a huge reason for my lack of motivation and productivity I’ve been experiencing. We all fall into slumps at times, but I’ve about had it with the slump that I’ve been in and for the past few weeks have felt more myself and more like the artist and role model I want to be. About dang time.

The vision board I last completed was back in October 2018, and had a monochromatic black & white theme to ease my busy mind. I’ll link that post here if you would like to see how I created it. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to accomplish about 85% of all my goals that I had set for myself within the past 9 months. A lot of the time I wasn’t even completely focused on them so perhaps that’s why I wasn’t able to manifest ALL of my goals, but I am very pleased with the blessings that did end up flowing my way.

If you are unfamiliar with vision / dream boards, I highly suggest that you do a little research for yourself on the Law of Attraction. The basic principle is that we create our own realities by the way we think, act, and feel. If you’re a positive person, you will attract that sort of energy and goodness into your life. By creating a singular space where we are able to physically visualize our goals and dreams, we have a way of welcoming those goals / visions to come into our reality. A lot of people will do this sort of thing at the beginning of the year and eventually fall off the wagon. I’ve been guilty of this too. In my experience, in order to be successful, it’s important to constantly keep those goals in front of you and to constantly change them and set new ones as you accomplish the old ones. It’s been nine months and I’m making a new one because my old one wasn’t serving me any longer. It doesn’t have to be a yearly ritual just as long as you are still inspired by your board and are still actively pursuing those goals. I’m sure someone else has explained it better, but I can’t suggest the helpfulness and importance of these enough, friends!

While I did enjoy the simplicity of my last board, I decided to change it up a bit this time and throw in some color. This time, I found it useful to use up an old canvas that I had messed up (oops). I just chose images that represented my goals and things I wanted to welcome into my life and cut the images to size. I glued them onto the canvas to make for a quick and easy way to put it all together. Lightweight. Easy to hang. Inspiring.

Lately, I have been practicing daily positive affirmations to help with keeping my mood in check. I put a few of my favorites up there to remind myself on the regular. My board features things that I’d like to obtain for my business as well as travel, physical, and personal development goals. I’m a huge believer in energies as well and used my clear quartz pendant and sage bundle to say a little prayer of gratitude over the accomplishments of my last board and to set positive intentions for my new one. ♡

I feel such a vibrant and positive energy radiating from my new studio space – especially now that I’ve updated my vision board! I’ve got a business to build and dreams to manifest. I encourage you all to take charge of your dreams as well because dreams are only goals without action. Make them come true, friends.

Happy Tuesday and manifest the heck out of your week! ♡ ♡ ♡



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