Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes? My thoughts exactly.

Hello, beautiful readers!

I’ve been speaking with a lot of you about your wellness wishes and interest in Young Living. I’ve planted a lot of seeds and hope to see some of them start sprouting soon! It’s still cold, but spring is coming! 

The featured image is the most updated Young Living Income Disclosure to help entice you a little further.

Yes it’s real!

People do actually make that much! The averages are very accurate from each person I’ve ever asked that hold those ranks!

Don’t pay attention to the percentage of all members portion, because it is actually inaccurate.It is misleading making you think that it’s impossible to get to those ranks. The percentage is exponentially higher in reality and the reason for that is because all Young Living members that are even just consumers of the products, are calculated into this percentage. The percentage is low because not all members are actually doing the business. We all have diamond potential, but we need to work for it.

For all my fellow skeptics out there, this one is for you!

Some of you are still hesitant about joining because this is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business and feel uncomfortable about that aspect. Because of your concerns, today, I wanted to share with you all my own opinions on network marketing and the reason that Young Living could be right for you!

I’ve got three main points I want to cover in this blog so sit tight, grab your coffee or tea, and let’s get this going.

First off…

Point #1: It’s a Pyramid Scheme!

By definition, a “pyramid scheme” is a business model focused on recruiting new members by making promises of extremely high payouts and rewards after they make their initial investment and in-turn sign up new members beneath them. They are actually illegal because in the end, they must fall apart. No program can recruit new members forever. Aside from that, the payout doesn’t really happen until you reach near the middle and top of the pyramid because everyone towards the bottom are working on recruiting and are receiving little income in return while those at the top reap the benefits.

MLM’s (Multi-Level-Marketing) run differently, however. Though many people will argue that they are the same. In comparison to pyramid schemes, they are actually considered legitimate because they bring the focus on selling products rather than solely recruiting more salespeople. This is made possible by adding in the factor of earning commissions and monetary return off of product sales. MLM’s do still try to recruit new members/sales people by making it about the product and most often, the people near the top are the ones taking home the bigger bucks. This is true overall, since it’s because of them that more people have heard about the product thus contributing to more organizational value and profit for the company. This is one of the many ways that MLM’s have earned their negative reputation.

In short, this excuse really doesn’t make sense to me. At all. One way or another, we are already out there working and making money for someone else. Working in retail, you make money for the CEO, same goes for pretty much every line of work. I used to feel negatively about MLM’s and pyramid schemes too-back when I was working an unfulfilling job waiting tables at Denny’s. There’s nothing wrong with that but in essence, I was always making a profit for people above me and had no potential of rising up in the future. (unless I wanted to become a manager and make less money or eventually own my own franchise)

But how does it work? How do people really get paid from product recommendations and how can the company afford to pay so much to those at the top? The answer to that is simple.

They don’t put money into advertising.

In reality, we as humans, are naturally going to share and recommend products we enjoy using. We do it all the time, often without even realizing we’re doing it. Companies are shifting towards network marketing because they have found it more successful. They found that people respond better to product recommendations when they are coming from people they personally know and trust. Because of this, they invest money they would be spending on advertisements on paying those people who have done such a good job sharing and bringing in sales.

Do you see what I’m saying here? Network marketing can be really great or they can be really terrible. It depends on the company.

Second point coming in…

Point #2: This isn’t an ordinary MLM

There are so many great reasons to join in and I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the products and business if they just kept an open mind. But what is it about this thought that makes us feel uneasy?

It’s easy to remain closed-off to the idea of a Multi-Level-Marketing company (MLM-commonly referred to as a pyramid scheme) or the idea of a monthly subscription. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced at least one time or another, when someone we know has been picked up by one of these types of businesses and all of a sudden we become their best friend and get flooded with messages, receive three-way phone calls with random people we don’t even know, and are bombarded with reasons why we need their products or business opportunities in our lives. We feel pressured and keep getting contacted even long after we say we’re uninterested.

“Hey, girl! Wow it’s been ages! What have you been up to? I know you’ve probably seen me talking about this on social media and I was wondering if you were interested in hearing more about this company and their products? I can’t wait to catch up!”

Does any of this ring a bell? I’m sure it does! I know because this has been me-on both ends of the conversation. I have shared publicly on my hesitation with joining Young Living in the past because I have tried one of these businesses before and did not enjoy the experience. I’ll say that again. I DID NOT enjoy it. I felt robotic and didn’t feel like myself. I reached out and sent messages to people I hadn’t talked to in years all in hopes that they would say “yes” so I could get somewhere with that business.

Eventually, I decided that enough was enough and I quit. This was only after about a month and a half of doing the business. I didn’t love the products and discovered that it was something that just was not meant for me. I was happy that at least I gave it a shot because now I knew better. I knew that this was just a “pyramid scheme” and that when people reach out like I did, they are only doing it for themselves and to make a quick buck. I became wiser because of it and said that I would never do one of these again. I felt like I was just another building block in the pyramid with little dollar signs hanging over my head. My interaction with people in these businesses didn’t feel genuine and the whole conversation felt staged and fake. Again, remember that I am guilty of sending these messages as well. I didn’t feel genuine and you could tell. It all just felt like spam advertising and I hated it.

I quickly became turned-off by all things that even seemed like they could be another “pyramid scheme” and whenever I would get new messages about similar types of online businesses, I would politely turn them down and go about my day continuing to work a job that would never take me anywhere. I didn’t believe it could work for me and believed that these individuals were working hard to sell a pipe dream.

Until one day all of that changed.

I realized that my life was passing me by and that I was being held back from being the person I’ve wanted to be. My ideal self was strong, kind, and independent. I could see who she was from the clothes she wore, to the way she presented herself, and what she stood for. She valued all aspects of her life and stood strongly by her beliefs. I grew tired of working a job that provided no fulfillment, and went against my own personal morals and values, and eventually quit though it did pay well.

Everything changed when I decided to become an artist. What I decided to work for changed. My hours changed. My commute changed. My attitude toward life changed. My income changed and will keep changing for the better. I changed. If you want to read more, I will leave the links to the blog and video explaining my decision to become an entrepreneur: both as an independent artist & Young Living representative below.

Here’s the deal, guys.

My feelings on MLMs and network marketing businesses changed once I learned about Young Living. I observed my now upline and business partner, Beka, for a long time. I watched her grow, receive promotions, and share the products and her love for them. I watched the way she “sold” things. It was genuine and it was real. She has a large social media following and was always recruiting new people. I watched her business climb in ranks and numbers. I had never even heard of this company before because I had never recieved a random message from anyone trying to convince me that I ‘needed this.’

I realized that there is a difference in the way most Young Living reps approached people. I didn’t realize it at the time, but later found out that they pride themselves as a company in the way they share and sign up new members-by not coming off so spammy and fake. No One likes to feel pressured and no one likes to be flooded with messages. It’s all about the way people are approached and how they are interacted with.

“It’s not what you say but how you say it.”

It would be naive to think that only Young Living distributors were effective in this approach. Other businesses have representatives that follow this soft, genuine approach as well and are also successful in signing others up. MLM’s have a bad reputation because there are a lot of people that still do it wrong and still have that old “spammy” approach. I’m sure there are many Young Living members that behave in this manner as well!

Well, if the difference really lies with the individual and whether or not they are genuine in their intentions, what then makes Young Living so different among all the others?

This brings me to my third and final point…

Point #3: You already buy this stuff

Yep. That’s right. You already buy this stuff. The only difference is that you are probably not getting the healthier, non-toxic versions and your probably aren’t getting free products and money back in return. Are you confused now? You didn’t think that Young Living was only about essential oils, did you?

Some examples of products I no longer buy anywhere else but Young Living (also known as the ‘ditch and switch’) are: essential oils (duh), shampoo, conditioner, makeup, dry shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, detergent, dish soap, hand sanitizer, hand soap, cleaners (OF ANY KIND), air fresheners, candles, perfume, skin care, mens wash, shaving cream, supplements, vitamins, protein powders, energy drinks, bug spray, sleep support, anxiety support, emotional support, hormone support, allergy support, different medications and OTC drugs, and even have certain foods and kitchenware available as well as baby & pet products. There is so much more to this than just essential oils. Though the oils are amazing and pure grade. Just saying.

I’ve already saved tons of money by making the switch because not only are the products versatile and multi-purpose, but they are also all toxin and chemical free. I’ve opened my eyes to the dangers of chemicals and toxins and avoid all of these products while at the store. This saves me money because I’m not buying a lot of junk I don’t need. Anyone interested in their own well-being and the health of their family should be interested in Young Living-in my opinion!

When you take advantage of the Essential Rewards, or monthly subscription program, you are also saving even more money by getting your stuff at 24% off the retail price. You even earn a certain percentage back on your spending and are can get gifted with promos and freebies!

I’ve never once received a check from Target for shopping there or from telling my friends to shop there.

My thoughts exactly. In conclusion:

When you take all of this into account, joining the business of Young Living does actually make a lot of sense. If you are truly interested in the products, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from succeeding in the business. The only thing that would ever be in your way of reaching your full potential would be yourself.

The only thing you need to do to become a business member is to order your kit to get you started off and to spend $100 a month on the products we learned that you already buy! That’s it! If you simply buy your household essentials through Young Living every month, you will not only be getting rewarded, but you will also have commission potential on any products you potentially sell and commission on new members and the products they buy and sell! Remember the Income Disclosure at the top of this blog? It only keeps building from there!

If you decide to join my team, any members I, or the people above me find, can choose to stack into you so that you get the benefit of earning commissions too! Growth does happen if you choose to put in the effort! To me, it was a no brainer. I run my own business now by simply buying and sharing about products I love and use every day. You will always be backed by me and the others on my team. Put aside your pyramid scheme thoughts because we rise together and we will both benefit from you building your business.

If your ready to put aside your skepticism and overall feelings towards MLM’s and are ready to openly learn more about what it takes to join the business and want to learn how to sign up, read my last blog post here:

So You Want to Join Young Living.

This was a lot today. You guys are rockstars! I hope you learned something and are ready to build an oily empire with me!

I’ll catch up with you all in a bit!



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