Unapologetically Me + Monday Artist Blog!

Good morning, loyal readers!

It’s Monday again which means – another artist blog!

I really hope everyone had a great weekend. I want to kick this one off by saying that I really appreciate all of the positive feedback so far and all of the recent love and support on my latest artwork. ♥  You guys really drive me and motivate me to pursue my dreams and passion. For that, I thank you.

This week, my focus is shifting towards catching up on commissions, so I won’t be sharing a new piece with you all. Instead, you can expect more of an artist vlog for Friday’s video and I’ll be showing you guys my favorite art materials and acrylic supplies. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve been getting requests to do a seperate video on this, so that’s what I’ll be doing!

I’ve never done an artist vlog before so I’m excited to see how this one goes and turns out. Definitely stay tuned for that! If you missed my last art video, I’ll leave it here below.

I really loved painting this one as I never really draw or paint men. This might be the beginning of something new here since I really enjoyed the masculine features of the face. “Maskulinity” looks beautiful and sophisticated next to his female counterpart, “Metamorphosis.” The two really compliment each other well and I’m so happy I decided to do this as a set. The collection that these two are a part of is still in the works. I may still add a few pieces to it under the theme of “transformation” because I’ve really been enjoying the concept since it is a very personal one to me at this moment of my career.

I’ve also started posting more videos on my Patreon channel that are longer versions of my YouTube videos with more detailed commentary, thought process, and reason for my madness (how I approach my paintings). They are slowed-down and also give little behind the scenes tidbits. All my artist friends-I highly suggest creating an account with them so that you have a platform for your clients to support your work!

I would love to make these videos public for everyone, but I really need to give those that support me financially a little extra effort and love. If you are interested in becoming a patron and”sponsoring” my art in any way, I would be ever so grateful for your contributions. I hope you guys can understand why I can’t share these with everyone. If interested in supporting me and gaining access to this content and other rewards, you can find my Patreon channel here.

Now that the announcement portion is through, I wanted to address something that has been on my mind for awhile now. I’ve posted all about it on social media, and even in some of my blog posts. I’ve had people send me private messages relating to my new adventure of wellness and my business with Young Living selling essential oils. They assumed I was in a new fad when it came to the oils and were concerned about my goals and intentions.

“I also feel it really necessary to share this. I’m sure a lot of people feel a certain way about my focus shifting on wellness and essential oils and that it may be interfering with my love and passion for art and creating. I currently have art-related work open on my iPad and oils and wellness-related work on my phone. I LOVE ART and also have a somewhat “hippie” passion for health and wellness. To me, they are both important and effect me in the same way. I used to have a lot of anxiety in the past and art was a form of therapy. My own wellbeing is the reason I started painting in the first place. The fact that I’ve found something of equal importance to me with Young Living is amazing. I’ve truly been changed and am trying to be the best version of myself. My focus has been on breaking my personal barriers for the past 6 months-anxiety, fear, worry, shyness, and learning how to live the life I want. Now that I’m not as scared and fearful, I’m reaching for my goals and dreams. If you’ve been feeling this way and feel like you have to choose between two seemingly “different” things, I want you all to know that you CAN do both and you CAN be passionate about multiple things-just stay true to yourself and who you are. This is more important than any amount of followers. Be unapologetically you. That’s all for now and I’m sorry it turned into me rambling on again. You’re a rockstar if you made it through that whole thing. Happy Sunday, friends. Focus on being better and staying true to who you are.”

As you can see from the photo and caption above, yesterday, on my personal Facebook and Instagram account, I posted about how it’s possible to pursue more than one passion though to the world, they may seem very different. This is something that can be very hard to accomplish in the world of social media. I’ve had people unfollow me due to the start of my essential oils business being incorporated into my primarily art Instagram account and vise versa when people wanted to follow me for only oil/wellness-related content. I’m also a Christian and have noticed people unfollowing me due to my faith.

I decided to create an additional Instagram page where I can share freely about my oils and adventure with Young Living, but I’m definitely not going to cease from posting about this kind of content in addition to my art on my regular @quinducreations instagram account. I view myself as an advocate for wellness-especially when it comes to mental health. It’s the whole reason I became an artist in the first place and I don’t want to forget that-ever. While I appreciate the amount of followers I do have currently, I’m not going to stop being myself . I won’t be keeping my focus solely on what I think it is people want to see. I’m going to keep being unapologetically me. This is so much more important to me than any amount of followers.

Anyway, I just felt this was important enough to address in this post as well! Thank you for all of your continued support through this adventure. Let’s tackle this week and create something beautiful, shall we?

Love you guys, truly.




  1. Wow! Really stunned that people unfollowed you for your faith that’s just mind-boggling 🙀 I really don’t understand people sometimes! 😅
    Also yes *cough* I fell behind keeping up with your blog posts lately 😇

    1. Yeah it’s been really up and down, honestly!! I just simply applaud the fact that you tune in at all sometimes 😂 I love writing and I almost feel like I do it myself most days! But it gives people a chance to just get to know me so hey why not 😊 it’s there is anyone chooses to read it!

      1. Aha na I enjoy reading them they’re nice little snippets of everything to read without being so long you end up pushing it back to make time for it 😀 I just hadn’t been up to date since I was off instagram and art for a month basically ^^; art blocks, oh such fun

      2. Oh my gosh I know what you mean!! Art block is terrible 😪 I end up forcing myself to do something and the end result is never as nice as if I were actually inspired

      3. Yea absolutely, I only just got out of it on Sunday at least temporarily because I unfortunately had to part with my husky 🙁 he got too over protective/possessive of me because of my anxiety and yea I couldn’t walk him enough since we’re in the middle of town and there’s dogs everywhere so I had to paint him, which was nice to paint even though it’s full of my tears aha

      4. Oh no that’s terrible!!! I’m so sorry!! I couldn’t even imagine….that’s one of the reasons we ended up moving away from the city and out into the country. My anxiety was through the roof. I’m so sorry that would keep me from creativity as well!

      5. Yea I would love to live out of town again and in the country, I grew up right next to the woods and fields it was great! but we had to move in to town because my mum doesn’t keep well and needed to be closer to the doctors and shops.
        Aha yea I got my anxiety when we moved here along with lots of other factors and it just rubbed off on the dog for years and as I slowly got better he got more and more protective of me, I guess he just wanted to try and keep me safe and improving.
        he was brilliant though wouldn’t harm a soul but just wouldn’t let any dogs near me, he’s been out speaking to all the dogs in his new home absolutely great without me which is really nice to know, and they’ve been sending me all the photos so I was in tears painting him aha

      6. I understand that. You have to do what you have to do. Take care of yourself and your mom. It’s nice that the new owners send you pictures and updates. It’s always comforting to know that he’s doing well, but I can’t imagine how hard that would be! Perhaps you will still be able to see him and play with him in the future! I can’t wait to see that finished painting.

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