This is My Last Week…

Good afternoon, my friends!

Today, I’m getting fired up a little later than I’d have liked to. I was trying to avoid the caffeine, but I really needed the extra oomph this morning! I think a cold is starting up and I’m not surprised because the high temperature for the week is about -10 (Fahrenheit) give or take a few degrees.

Anyway, from the title of this blog, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on. I’m actually going on a trip for a little while and it is going to be at least a month (at this moment) before I’m able to get back to my normal routines. This week is going to be my last normal week for a good amount of time. I’m not allowed to disclose when where or why, but it’s basically a work trip and I don’t anticipate being able to create any new content for you guys while I’m gone. 🙁

I wish I could give you all the details, but that isn’t the case, unfortunately. I hope you all understand. I may still be active on my social media, but I won’t be able to update you on any new YouTube videos, blogs, or new artworks, until I get back. I may still be able to answer emails and such too, but please keep in mind that shop orders won’t be fulfilled as well until I return. There will be a notice in my shop in case you all forget.

That being said, I’ve got a crazy busy week planned as I’m preparing for the trip and finishing up all of the work I’ve got to do before I leave. I hope you all have a very productive week! I’ll fill you all in once I get back from my trip! The YouTube video for this week will still be uploaded and I may post another blog before I go. No promises, but I will try my best!

Have a great week, everyone!

I will miss you!

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