Exciting New Blog Series: Lifestyle & Wellness

So, I wanted to wait a bit before officially coming out and revealing this update publicly. For a few different reasons as well.

First off, I’d like to introduce a new series of blogs in addition to my normal artist blogs and updates. I am a super holistic type of person and am really big into wellness and lifestyle. Along with focusing on my brand and art business, I really wanted to start a new series of blogs. One of the reasons I love blogging is because I really enjoy just being myself and giving my followers and readers a way to really get to know me. I love being personable and sharing these pieces of myself with you all. I feel like this adds a special personal touch to my work as well when you can get to know a little more about the artist behind the painting.

If you’re really not interested in reading about this sort of stuff and only want to see art-related content, that is totally fine! I understand! I still love that I have your support on this journey and don’t want you to feel as if I’m neglecting my art in any way.! I will be separating these types of blogs from my art blogs into different sections so that the art ones are in their own highlighted category.

Why do I want to do this? Won’t this subtract from my art goals? Let me explain:

I used to be so unhappy with a lot of different areas of my life. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, I wanted to be in better shape, and overall, live the life I wanted to live. Before I made the full-time commitment to my new artist career, I had always envisioned a better version of myself. I could see the way I wanted to present myself into the world by showing love and kindness. I was an artist and I was happy with just being purely me. I could see everything from the types of clothes I wanted to wear, to the positive lifestyle I wanted to live. Since I’ve begun this journey a few months ago, I’ve made a lot of personal changes within my household and the way we live. It is all a part of being a better version of myself. I also feel that this will help filter out only the art-related content so you guys don’t have to sit through on my other day-to-day life updates-unless you want to! ^___^

Some of the new things I will also be blogging about are:

Homestead/self-sustainable living

I love gardening and reducing the amount of money we spend on groceries. By doing this, we are learning to be self-sufficient and are going to be going even bigger this year. We may just rescue some cows and chickens to add the family. Also diving more into canning to make these seasonal goodies last long into the cold winter months.


I’m an avid believer that less is more. I’ve reduced my stress and anxiety tremendously by reducing the amount of stuff and clutter in my home.

Living a toxic-free lifestyle

I’ll dive more into this in a future post, but I’ve recently been made aware of all of the toxins that we have been exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. I’m quite shocked and freaked out honestly. More to come on this so stay tuned!

Waste reduction/zero waste lifestyle

 My husband and I are both vegan for many different reasons and are expanding our efforts to lower our carbon footprint every way we can.

I’ll be putting all of these things into the overall category of

“Lifestyle and Wellness”

While art is, and always will be, my greatest passion and goal, I also wanted to document and share the other parts of me that make me uniquely…me. I am very excited to be sharing these new types of blogs with you and hope you are as excited as I am to see what is to come.

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