New Year’s Eve…Reflection on 2018

So, today is the last day of 2018.

New Year’s Eve is a beautiful time for reflection of what was accomplished within the last year. When I look back at 2018, what stands out mostly for me is a time of learning and some very important decisions and life changes. I find myself feeling a flood of emotions looking back and some of the things I’ve been able to pull myself through still shocks me to this day.

Without going into a ton of detail, I wanted to recap something wonderful that happened every month.


I finally picked up my paintbrush again after a year and painted something purely for me and out of joy.




Haku, my youngest husky baby, turned a year old – no more puppies in the pack.



I attended a military training in Texas and overcame some personal fears/barriers in regards to my duty as an Air Force medical technician.




I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of traveling to Japan and got to share the experience with some of the people closest to me.  This was truly a dream come true and the highlight of my year.



My husband and I had a lazy weekend in, full of love, as we celebrated our 5th year of marriage.



I connected with an old friend and we re-kindled our friendship.



After months of being away, my sister finally returned home and my heart became whole again.



I participated in my first ever art show and my passion for art peaked. I started to actually feel like an artist.

RAW Conect0343-X4-1.jpg


I honed my medical skills on tour in San Diego and found some inspiration. I finally quit my suffocating job to pursue my passion-art.



I started giving my art a voice. I began the 30 Days of Fall art series and kickstarted my new career. My husband also left for military training early this month.

blog 5 material


As a new upcoming artist, I made my first ever pop-up shop on November 24th, also known as Small Business Saturday.



I got to experience Christmas surrounded by family and those closest to me. Seeing my husband after over two months reminded me of how truly blessed I have been.



Forgive me if this seems like a sappy post. I apologize. However, Looking back at each month and remembering all of the things that took place, I find myself feeling incredibly emotional. There were many truly, truly, trying times this past year, yet I stand where I am today feeling humbled, blessed, and ever so thankful. There is a common theme for this past year and that has to do with self-discovery, pushing past fears, and breaking barriers.

I end this year feeling stronger than I’ve ever been. I know that all the experiences that took place, have molded me into the person that I am today and have been envisioning.

2019, I am ready for you.

Let’s see what you’ve got in store.

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