Update! Story Behind My Last Painting

Good morning again, loyal readers and happy Monday!

I hope the weekend treated you all well! I find myself extremely motivated this morning and for good reason. We’ll get into that in a minute.

First off, I don’t really have many exciting art-related announcements to share with you all. I pretty much covered that whole thing in my last art blog. (Missed it? I’ll leave a link here.) I still have a good amount of canvases and paint so no new art supplies just yet.

I think the new YouTube routine has been going well. I’ve been uploading a new video every Thursday for the past month now. I think I’ve accustomed pretty well to filming my painting process and slowly, but surely, I’m getting better/faster at my video editing skills. yay! Practice really does make perfect!-we’re getting there. Speaking of YouTube though, I’m totally obsessing over my latest featured piece. It describes a soulful connection between a woman and a wolf.

I titled it “Escort” and wanted to give a somewhat seductive/vulnerable vibe. The woman and wolf seem to have a certain closeness and familiarity. She’s comfortable around him and his beaming red eyes look at the viewer and almost say to them: “Don’t mess with her.” He is big and frightening but she’s got her arm on him suggesting that he’s belongs to her: he is her protector and will escort her safely. As already stated in the video, these paintings are reserved for the first month after creation exclusively for patrons, but I will make this available on my website once that time period passes by. Prints and posters will also be made available as well!

See it on YouTube

In the video for this piece I talked about how important I think it is to put yourself out there and to just simply be yourself. I was vulnerable in recording this video and it’s the first one I’ve published that has me discussing a topic (first time really using my mic). If you’ve missed it, I’ll leave a link here. I think I’m going to do more of these videos from now on. It’s more interesting to listen to a topic/story while watching a painting video than to just be listening to music, in my opinion. So far, my subscribers seemed to have enjoyed the change as well! Definitely be on the lookout Thursday for when I upload this week’s YouTube Featured Acrylic Painting video. I’m going to be going over another art/supportive topic for that painting as well and I’d love to hear your feedback on these kinds of videos!

That’s all I really have for art related announcements, BUT! I am so excited that now I am only days away from seeing my husband for Christmas! I’m extremely eager to get my work for this week accomplished so that I can just get to marking sure everything is prepared for his arrival! He will be here for about a week and I’m still debating exactly on how I’m going to about my upload schedule for that week. Obviously I’m going to be wanting to devote that time to him while he’s here – it’s also the week of Christmas so there’s that too. I may still be able to get blogs up that week, but as for the painting video on that Thursday, I may just end up doing a vlog or something of that nature. I’m almost positive that I won’t have a new painting that week unless I can manage to double my workload this week-not likely.

That’s all I’ve really got for today, guys. Just thinking about all I’ve got to do within the next few days is making my head spin! I’m gonna get to work now.

I’ll see you guys in the next one!

Stay tuned!

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