Festive Friday Day #6: Cookie Coma!

Good afternoon, friends!

Just a few more weeks of Festive Friday after today! Only two more, actually! Wow. I feel like the holiday season has flown by so fast. Perhaps it’s because my husband has been gone and I’ve been pouring myself into my work to compensate for his absence. This is a good thing though! Christmas is almost here and guess what I’ve got going on today? That’s right! I’m baking Christmas cookies!

Good guess. 🙂

My Christmas baking last year was absolutely insane. I spent a fortune on a bunch of different ingredients and had spent so much time in the kitchen! SO. MUCH. TIME. And no one wanted to eat the treats because everyone was trying to watch their calorie intake! (No fun!) In all honesty, I wanted to do the opposite this year with my baking, which is why I’m sharing with you my simple holiday baking solution.

Just a LITTLE of last year’s baking to give you some perspective..

Today, instead of causing unneeded chaos in the kitchen, I just put together one of my favorite cookie recipes. This one is an all-time classic: the timeless oatmeal cookie. I realize this isn’t the most “festive” cookie recipe out there but I love the simplicity and that they can easily be enjoyed year-round.

You all know I’m not much of a chef and I’m a very minimalist baker. This is a recipe that I just eyeball when putting the ingredients together until the consistency looks right. It consists of vanilla extract, salt, sugar, brown sugar, flour, oats, dairy-free butter, and a flax egg (since I’m vegan). I also like to throw some dairy-free chocolate chips in the mix. Is there really an explanation needed for that? If you want it to look a little more colorful, just omit the chocolate chips and use m&m’s or a similar type of colorful candy (candy canes?) and there ya go!


There’s something pleasantly nostalgic about baking oatmeal cookies. The smells wafting through the house brings me back to childhood when we’d come home from school to some freshly baked cookies as a snack. It just brings me back to simpler times and that’s exactly what I was in need of this year. It’s so easy to get caught up around the holiday season. We’re all running around spending money on gifts and things we don’t need and stressing about things that don’t need to be stressed about. It’s true that shopping, baking, and gift giving are all fun things, but I just wanted to remind everyone not to get too caught up in all the commotion.

What says “homemade” more than a classic such as this?

I like to give homemade goodies to our neighbors for Christmas and there are around 6 houses that are surrounding us. I was working last year so my husband was the one who hand delivered all the treats. I’m excited for us to be able to go to each house together this year and present them together. We haven’t met all of the neighbors yet, so I’m hoping this will brighten up their holiday seasons. Since Mr. Du Bois isn’t home yet, these cookies will probably just be enjoyed by me and I’ll have a new batch ready when he’s home (that and so that the neighbors will have some fresh ones).

I will do more Holiday baking, but that day is not today.


Well, guys, that’s all I have for you this week. Thank you once again for tuning in to my blog. I’ve only got a week left until I see me husband and I can’t wait to write all about it! I’ll be back Monday! Have a fantastic weekend!

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