Running Through a Winter Wonderland +Art & Life Updates!

Hello, loyal readers!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I actually took a day off for myself as well. I feel so rejuvenated and am very excited to finish this year strongly. I realize that this is a rather clich√© statement for this time of year, but it’s true nonetheless.

It was a beautiful day yesterday when I took my dogs out for our midday run. I just had to take a few shots of the experience as it was truly magical. The way the snow glistened off the branches made me feel like I was right out of a movie scene. It was truly a winter wonderland. I’m so happy I got a few photos! It is very difficult to take pictures while your running with two dogs!

For the past 8 years I’ve loved going for runs. I’ve been doing it on and off ever since I got out of high school but, like many things, it’s easy to fall off the wagon. When I first started up daily running routine again a few months ago, my mileage goal was only 1.5 miles (the fitness requirement for the Air Force). I didn’t realize it at the time, but we actually ended up hitting 4.25 miles yesterday! I was so proud when I checked the distance on my phone! I may not be fast, but to see that I’m capable of running much farther, was absolutely breathtaking! Yes, that pun was totally intended. I’m rather hilarious-I know. Haha.

Now there are only a few weeks until Christmas but I’m more excited to see my husband again! It’s already been two months and we are now at the halfway point. Since there’s not much time before his arrival, I’m kicking it into high gear with my work so that I can fully dedicate that time to him. We’re also hosting on Christmas Day for his side of the family so I’ve got a menu to plan and a house to clean as well!


All the personal life updates aside, things with my art have been going well. I feel like the progress has been slow, but it’s happening regardless. I do admit that I am frustrated with myself and my work at times, but it’s only because I’m holding myself to a higher standard than I’m actually able to produce at the moment. The timeless advice “practice makes perfect” lurks in the back of my mind yet still I find myself having difficulty getting things started. We artists are our own worst critics. It’s a true statement and its hard not to do; it’s equally difficult not to compare our own works with that of others. I’m very guilty of this bad habit but quickly catch myself and recall where I was only a year ago. I know I’ve improved over my past works and I just need to keep the momentum going.

Last week’s YouTube Featured piece: “Mind Fog”

Lately, especially with my YouTube Featured Paintings, I’ve been finding it hard to reach my weekly deadlines. I have been, but not without much stress and worry. New painting videos are supposed to go up every Thursday so I feel rushed in the beginning of the week to film and edit. When I’m feeling this way, I don’t feel like my work is as strong and detailed as it might have been if I didn’t have to finish such a large piece. These paintings are size 16×20 inch canvases and while they may not seem like very large pieces, they do take a lot longer to complete than if I were to paint them in a slightly smaller size.

(If interested in this piece, take a look at the link above. She will be available for purchase in my shop sometime in January.)

Starting up within the new year, I’m going to be completely going away from painting on canvases and will instead be painting on wooden panels that are a little smaller in size. I see all different sorts of benefits to this and the one time I did paint on wood, it turned out so beautifully. The way the brush strokes slid across the piece was so smooth and beautiful. It was effortless. With canvases, it’s like your fighting against yourself with all the roughness and texture. I feel that using smaller, smoother materials will ease the stress I’ve felt lately and will make it much easier to produce some quality work and more of it.

On top of this, I’m also going to be trying a new medium-oil paint. With acrylics, at times I’m so happy that they dry fast, but at other times, I really wish they were still wet so that I can smooth¬†out the brush strokes and blend the colors together. While it’s true that they’d take longer to dry, I would then be able to have several different (and smaller) pieces in progress and always keep that momentum going. When one piece leaves me in a tough spot, I’ll easily be able to transition to another one.

These changes are going to happen gradually, of course. Within the next few months, I’m going to be using up the materials I have and slowly integrating the switch. I wish I could switch everything over now, but getting all the oil paint supplies I need right off the bat is going to be expensive and that’s not including purchasing the panels.

Thanks for tuning in today, friends. I’m happy you stuck with me this long for my artist blurbs. I just wanted you all to be aware of the changes I’m making so I don’t catch you off guard. I know a lot of you really love the canvas pieces, but I’m sure you will love the wood panels just the same, if not better. Trust me on this one.

Till next time, loves. Tune in again for this week’s episode of Festive Friday!

We’ll be baking up a storm!

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