Festive Friday Day #5: Holiday Cards

Festive Friday is back again! Yay!

Welcome to this week’s post!

I feel like I’m a little late in the game for this one, but today is all about Holiday cards! Do any of you make several different cards and have the hardest time choosing between the different designs? Normally this is me EVERY time, but not this year! I’m happy to say that I even created my cards for at least half the cost that I normally purchase them at! (Right!?) I was so excited when I saw the price that I just had to share how I did it!

I looked at different online stores and photo centers before ordering mine and noticed that the prices for Holiday cards have gotten absolutely outrageous. I remember spending somewhere around $60-$100 last year when I ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly. I didn’t even order nearly as many I needed. I’ve used this company for many years and have noticed the gradual increase in prices recently. I decided that, especially with my family’s income fluctuation, I would find a more frugal way this year. Following my dreams has its temporary setbacks and right now it’s all about cutting costs.

After seeing all of the price ranges (the cheapest I found was $36 for what I wanted at Walmart) I got an idea to try to make my own. I looked at an app I’ve had on my Ipad forever, but hadn’t used very much and my thought was to add text to one of my photos. Turned out that the app actually had an option for making cards. I’m sure there are a lot of apps and such out there that do this but the one I used was Pic Collage. I found it so much more fun doing it this way than to use a pre-made option from one of the typical printing websites.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are so many different ways to ale your own cards. It’s all about how much you want to spend and how much work you want to put into it. Unfortunately, time is not on my side this year and I am a bit late in creating them since it’s just a few weeks till Christmas. I wish I would have ordered my photos sooner so that I could do a much more “handmade” style and make it more unique. Regardless, I think they turned out really cute!

I styled the photo I wanted to use for the card and added my desired wording and greeting. After I had it all just how I wanted, I saved the design to my photos. If you don’t have the “pro” version (or whatever its called) then there is a watermark at the bottom of your design. I figured there would be some sort of catch for using this. I ended up paying the $1.99 fee to unlock all the features and figured it would be worth it in the long run especially since this was saving so much money in comparison to printing them with the other companies I looked at. I ordered the photos through Walmart Photo Center for about $15. SCORE! This didn’t include the cost for envelopes or postage, so keep that in mind. For me, I already had plenty of envelopes and stamps handy so I didn’t worry about having to purchase these.

I’m having a hard time right now deciding on whether or not to give you guys a sneak peek of my actual Christmas card that I’m sending out. I don’t want to ruin the excitement for those of you that are going to be receiving one, but on the other hand, I can’t give a card to all of you that read this! I wish I could!

I’ve decided, you guys.

I’m going to post it but I’m also going to warn you: SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read further if you want to be surprised when you receive your card in the mail!

Are you guys ready?


I’m trying to build suspense.

Is it working?

Last chance to turn back.

Okay, here it is.


c card 1.jpg
Palace Japan Hotel. April, 2018

c card 5

Okay, you guys totally all looked didn’t you? I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist, though. It’s okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you! What do you think of how it turned out? I realize that the bottom of the text was cut off, but I’m still happy with how it all turned out.

c card 3

I wanted a somewhat simple design and if you didn’t know, I absolutely love Polaroid photos! When I saw this cute little design, I had to snag it up! I wanted to be a little more simple this year; not so flashy. The photo was taken when we were in Japan back in April and it was one of my favorite memories since I had dreamed about going there since I was a kid. Because of this design, I ordered them all as 4″ x 4″


If any of you haven’t gotten started on your Holiday cards yet, then I hope today’s blog inspired you! I also encourage you to get the ball rolling!

See you guys next time!

There’s only 20 days till Christmas and only a few more weeks left of

Festive Friday!


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