Festive Friday Day #4: A Simple Update and Snowy Adventures

Welcome back to another Festive Friday post! Thank you all for tuning in today. It means a lot to have you here. Blogging is less exciting when no one reads your posts, so I am truly grateful for the support of my readers. I see you and you all make my posts worthwhile. Thank you for that.

Today’s blog is just going to be a simple update. I have drill this weekend and had hoped to start making my Christmas cards, but I think that will be the topic for next week. Our unit is also having our annual Holiday Potluck tomorrow afternoon, so there may be a few festive photos in regards to that in the coming blog on Monday. (stay tuned!) I normally blog every Monday and Friday. Since I had been posting a lot about my pop up shop last weekend, I didn’t want to give you another update earlier this week because I felt it would have been content overload.

In case you missed it,

The pop-up in St Francis went very well! I had a lot of fun getting out there and sharing my art with some of the locals. I got to see a few familiar faces and I am so pleased with how things went overall. The free painting has also been sent off to the drawing winner. Congratulations again to Cherries Chamberlain!

I’m rather excited to write to you today. I always find it refreshing to return to my blog and update you all on the latest happenings in life. It really helps to put thoughts down in writing; it helps me clear my constantly busy mind. Lately, I’ve been breaking up my work days with a mid-day run through the woods with my pups. They are especially enjoying it now that there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. I have to say that it has been quite difficult at first, given the cold, but I think I’m getting accustomed to it and I find that it is a great way to clear my mind so that I can end the day feeling refreshed, focused, and determined to follow my dreams and keep working hard.

snowy adventures 2
Huskies doing what they do best

As I’m sure you might guess, it’s not easy working from home. Granted, it’s nice to be on my own schedule, especially when it comes to waking up in the morning and not having to rush out of the house. It’s not as easy as one might think, however. There are constant distractions and there’s always something to focus on other than the tasks at hand such as housework, keeping up with the bills, and not to mention the constant distractions when it comes to the internet and what’s on television. It really takes a lot of determination and self-discipline to keep focused on what needs to be done. I’m not going to lie and say that I never sit and watch tv while browsing social media on my phone. I definitely have days that are productive and days that are less productive.


snowy adventures
Nova and I

As time goes on, I find myself getting more and more used to the new routine, but I think I may benefit by adding a little more structure to my day. I have always been a fan of keeping all sorts of planners and to-do lists for everything that is important in my life. This may as well be a future post in January along with the ever-so-common “New Year’s Resolution” theme.

I am just shocked that this is the last day of November. I’m not even sure where the month has gone! I really do feel like I keep saying that in every post. Sorry about that. Regardless, I think it really helps that it has been a fairly busy month. Time flies when you’re having fun and while its true that I love to stay busy, it is especially true now that I’m counting down the days till Jonathon comes home. Just a few short weeks till he’s home for Christmas!

In comparison with the last two months, I really feel things calming down a bit as far as my business is concerned and there are a few changes I’m hoping to make starting up in the new year. I’ll give you guys more on this in the coming month. I remember myself being very busy and tired around this time last year. If it seems like I keep comparing life as is to how life was only a year ago, that’s because I want to keep emphasizing how grateful I am to be where I am at this point in my life. I feel so blessed that I am able to follow my passion for my art through both my painting business and writing these blogs.

That’s all I have for you guys today! Thanks again for tuning in! I love you guys so much that you don’t even know! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s December newsletter and I truly hope you all have a fantastic weekend! ♥ (Still need to sign up for the newsletter? Click here.)

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