Festive Friday Day 1: Decorating and Kickstarting the Holiday Cheer

Let’s get this party started!

Today is the first day of my Festive Friday blog series and what better topic to cover than that of decorating for the season. I know many people disagree with Christmas decorations being put out before Thanksgiving has passed. As for me, I think that the decorations are a way of celebrating both holidays. For as long as I can remember, my family has always had the house decorated for Christmas while we are all gathered together celebrating Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not sure why this is, but seeing the tree and all the beautiful lights is something I’ve come to value at Thanksgiving time as well as Christmas. Hosting the holidays, especially Christmas, in my family has always been in high demand. Everyone wants their turn to host and perhaps having the decorations out at Thanksgiving time as well has been our way of compensating that.

This is the second year of living in our cute little house and I am so excited to share these photos with you! I am pretty minimal with decorating, but with Christmas, I have more decorations than any other seasons or holidays. SPOILER ALERT! Since my husband won’t be home till late December, I am waiting to show pictures of the tree. This will be in a later blog!

Something I am always excited for every year is looking into my mailbox and finding Christmas cards from family and friends. I decided to create a cute little way of displaying them this year using an old vintage window. I am still not sure where I plan on hanging it up, but I can’t wait to start hanging cards on it! I’ve also had that old barn door for awhile now and thought the wreath would look perfect on it.

Since I’ve moved out with my husband, we have begun starting our own yearly traditions. This is our 6th Christmas together as a married couple. I can’t believe so much time has already passed! I feel like we are still getting our system down. This year feels a little different though, because I have all the say when it comes to decorating. Normally, I have most of the say, anyway because he’s not really into decorating, I guess. Haha. I tend to decorate for the seasons early so by the time that Halloween is over, I’ve already had my fall decor up for nearly three months. Believe me, as soon as November 1st hits, I am all about dragging out the Christmas decorations!

I painted the table and chairs myself as I love the rustic, antiqued look. Somehow between the moves, I seem to have lost one of the chairs, however.

Now that I know Jonathon will be home for Christmas, I have more motivation and excitement to decorate and get things ready for Christmas. It helps knowing that you aren’t going to be alone for the holidays. This time I think we got lucky, but I’m sad to say that I am not going to be hosting our families Christmas celebration this year since I hosted last year. It’s okay though because I get to decorate for the both of us as well as all of you that are reading this!

thumbnail (6)
My sister-in-law gave me the idea of using this little hutch as a liquor cabinet! I just adore it so much and it works so well for this purpose.









thumbnail (14)
I love the red hues in this room. It makes it feel so warm and cozy. I also think that Hunter’s Full Moon is a really good fit for this room and the pinecones make it smell divine.


thumbnail (11)
Sorry for the glare on this one! Since my husband and I don’t have any human children of our own, you better believe that there is a stocking hanging up for each of our fur babies! The painting in the center is titled Northern and is acrylic paint on pine. It is one of my favorites of all three dogs.

I think it all went together nicely and it’s actually beginning to feel like the holidays are on the way! We just got our first snowfall (at my house, anyway) though the grass isn’t completely hidden just yet. Nothing can explain the feeling I get while watching that first snowfall just outside my windows. It seems as if the whole world gets quiet. I love the serenity and peace that encompasses me when it snows. While most people run indoors during a snowstorm, I can’t help my longing to go the opposite way. The temperatures have been dropping, but it feels so warm and cozy indoors. The snow acts as a personal reminder to me that no matter how cold it may get outside, there is always warmth and comfort at home, especially during the holidays.

Thanks for tuning in on this one, friends! Come back next week for more holiday fun! My blog schedule seems to run best on Mondays and Fridays. My next post should be a little more art related, but I hope you enjoyed these photos and that they inspired you to get your holiday decor out of storage!

Speaking of art,

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