What Now? Holiday art series?

Hello again, everyone!

I feel like I’ve been a little absent since my last blog post about the 30 Days of Fall closing. I took a few days after writing that post to give some attention to other areas of my life. I spent some time catering to myself and relaxing. I’m pretty sick in the head apparently because my idea of relaxing always relates to cleaning of sorts. Ha…I got a lot of deep cleaning and organizing done around the house in preparation for Christmas decorating. I am really excited for that!

Over the weekend, I had drill and that actually went very well. I got a lot accomplished and lately I’ve noticed that my entire attitude about drill and military obligation has changed since I left my restaurant job. I don’t feel drained and exhausted any more and I  feel so full of life; just a more pleasant person all around. I’ve found myself being excited for things and volunteering for more things and I just feel so great about it all. I also got nominated for presidency for our unit morale committee. Granted, not many really wanted to take on the roll, but I accepted wholeheartedly. Normally, this is something that I would try to run and hide from since I have severe public speaking anxiety (my mind totally blanks out and it’s so entertaining to watch I’m sure), but I am actually looking forward to it! Right now I just view it as a positive challenge for me and a way to start opening up my mindset a little bit. The end of this year is all about breaking barriers. I’m not going to let my fears hold me back anymore. If any of my Air Force buddies are reading this, comment below and let me know if you’ve noticed this change in me as well!

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Actual lazy day evidence

All in all, I feel like this career switch has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I am experiencing what it feels like to really be happy and enjoy life. I do what I love every day and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly though, right now I am still building up my brand and I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how I am able to support myself. My husband and I used to make about the same amount of money. How can we afford to have our income cut in half? The answer to this is easy, but granted, may not be the solution for everyone as we all have unique stories. We cut out expenses (and I mean a lot of them) that we didn’t need and started living frugally. Have you ever heard of minimalism? It’s a growing movement and one I strive for more and more every day. I’ve really noticed the positive change in my life since I started all of this.

Okay, enough rambling now. I did a series in October focusing on my art and now that we are embracing November in full force, I would like to shift that focus towards my blog and writing! Every Friday from now through the New Year, will be known as Festive FridayOf course I’ll be creating holiday themed art along the way, but I wanted a chance to cover all those fun holiday themed topics such as cooking, baking, decorating, gift wrapping, etc. This is my favorite time of the year and I am so excited to share all of my ideas with you! Be sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the festivities! Till Friday, my friends.

P.s. – Be sure you get out there and vote today. It affects all of us and as Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

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