30 Days of Fall Closing…Thoughts and Excitement

Happy November, everyone!

I can’t believe October, along with my art series, 30 Days of Fall, has finally come to a close! Creating a new piece of art each day has been very challenging, but I am so glad I was able to pull through in the end. It definitely takes a lot out of you creatively. When I came up with the idea, I had no idea the kind of commitment it would be. (I also had no idea “Inktober” was a thing either or I might have done that..haha..) Between creating the actual art to taking decent photos, creating listings on my website, and even just sharing each post on my social media, I had almost no free time in the day to do other business related things most of the time. (Not to mention that I was constantly blowing up everyone’s news feed-sorry about that.) There were many days where the last thing that I wanted to do was draw or paint, but knowing that I had already made a commitment to this gave me the motivation I needed and kept me creating.

All the artwork featured below:

If you have followed the series over my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you probably noticed the variety in different artworks and styles. I envisioned creating a lot of different types of fall-related paintings, but found that these took an incredible amount of time and materials. I would’ve had no canvases left once the series ended! Doing a detailed, quality painting every day I feel would have really burnt me out fast over the 30-day time span. In the beginning, I started with more surreal and abstract paintings then went on to landscapes/scenic paintings followed by illustrations and more abstract work. Towards the end, the look and feel of my pieces were beginning to encapsulate the essance of the artwork that I love and hope to keep creating. I love revolving my work around nature and emotion. All in all though, working on this series was the exact push I needed to kickstart my art journey and new lifestyle. I can see myself improving with each and every day.

After making it through the hectic time of October, I am starting this month feeling fulfilled and very motivated! I have a lot of things planned for this November and am very excited! If you got my newsletter that went out today as well, you will have heard all about that so I wont bore you with announcement repetition. Not subscribed to the newsletter? Subscribe here.

Drill is coming up this weekend and I am actually somewhat excited for that mostly because it will be easier for me to focus being that I won’t feel the pressure to create art. I find that I create my best work when I can simply be me and create what I hope to see exist in the world. I struggled with coming up with ideas over my series also because everything was supposed to be “fall themed.” Towards the end especially I just started creating more woodsy, forest-inspired art and I felt the most happy doing those sorts of works. Perhaps that is my own personal style starting to poke through? I’m still working on discovering it all.

Before I end this blog-sorry if I completely bored you all to death-I just wanted to share real quick that I’m having a fall clearance sale in my shop starting today! Use coupon code fall30 to get 30% off any and all of the artwork I completed for 30 Days of Fall!! It gets better! I’ll also be offering free shipping for orders over $49! Sale ends November 15th. There is only one of each piece and once it goes, it’s gone, my friends! Happy shopping, loves!


Now that Halloween is over, I think it’s perfectly socially acceptable to announce that…I’m going to start decorating for Christmas this week! I’ll post all about that (PLUS PHOTOS) in my next blog, so stay tuned! Get into the holiday spirit with me and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it! I love you all so so soooooo much!

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