Vision and Plans – Setting Goals for 2019

Good morning, beautiful people.

You may have noticed that all most of the cover photos for my blogs and website are of sunsets and landscape scenery. I do this because it’s just so beautiful living out here and I really want to share it with you all. I take these photos myself and am really getting into photography with all the beautiful nature surrounding me.

The last week was full of a lot of self-discovery. I have leaned my artwork more towards creating things I really wanted to make and see exist in the world rather than creating random things that I think people might like. I’ve noticed a positive change in my art since I’ve begun doing this and am excited to see the newer pieces I will be creating going forward.

Two latest paintings: Hunter’s Full Moon and Protector of the Forest

As the weeks go on working on content for 30 Days of Fall, I feel like I’m learning more and more about myself and what my own personal brand is all about. Within the last few days, I’ve been working on goal setting and envisioning where my business will be in the coming years. Most people tend to think about this stuff and goal-setting during the popular time of New Years and making resolutions. While I think that this is absolutely wonderful, I also feel like we should be constantly planning and setting goals. This keeps us more in tune with our vision and what we hope to accomplish throughout the year. Most people drop off and lose track of their resolutions after only a few months in-sometimes even sooner than that. I find it more beneficial to create my goals when I am feeling inspired and motivated.

Since I really began dedicating my time and energy to my business about two months ago, I figured that now was a perfect time to set my goals for the next year. I wanted to plan out my first year of self-employment so that I would be using all of my time as efficiently as possible. I am the kind of person that makes lists for absolutely everything. It helps keep me from becoming overwhelmed and keeps my focus on the tasks at hand rather than trying to think about a million things at once. I decided to take the to-do lists that were cluttering up my desk space and turn them into something visually motivating and inspiring. I’m also currently working on some other brand-building projects and worksheets to keep all my actions and posts cohesive in nature.

I’m sure most of you have heard of “dream boards” or “vision boards” before. If you haven’t, they are a really great way of visualizing your goals and what you want to accomplish. You simply just gather pictures, quotes, or images that inspire you and turn them into a collage. It’s most beneficial to place it in an area that you are in often to constantly remind yourself of your goals and dreams. I don’t like the term “dream board” because I think that way of phrasing allows people to be more passive of these images. Instead of focusing on making it happen, you get in the mindset of someday. In my experience, that someday never comes and I think that it’s easier to put things off thinking that way.


For me, I took my list of all the plans and ideas I had for my business and found images to represent them from both Google and Pinterest. None of these are my images aside from my signature block, QuinDu, that I use to sign all my artwork. I copied them all into a Word document and sized them how I liked. The aesthetic for my studio space is a darker natural theme with a lot of antique looking wood and other vintage-inspired elements. Instead of creating a board with a lot of different colors, I decided to make the images black and white for simplicity and to better match my space.

A lot of people will use poster board or even a cheap stretched canvas and will glue the images in place however they like on that. I, myself, used an old picture that my friend had given me after my first art show. It is something that has some sentimental value to me so I have been thinking of a way to incorporate this into my space and thought this would be perfect. I felt like this would make it look more pleasing in my space without being too loud or busy. I just removed the glass and used little washi tape pieces to hold the images in place. As time goes on and I accomplish things on my vision board, instead of having to make a new board, I can simply adjust as needed. The washi tape makes it easy for the images to be replaced without damaging the photo behind it. Thrift and antique stores are always great places to find some cool pictures and frames. If you think you’d like to try something similar, post your photos in the comments! I’d love to see the end results!

thumbnail (3).jpg

studio desk.jpg
Here’s a little look at the current state of my work space with the new vision board

Aside from my own personal goals and planning, I don’t have a lot of new things going on at a personal level. October is coming to a close and it is getting colder and colder. Before I know it I’ll be snowed in. I’m actually pretty excited for that. The hermit life really isn’t so bad once you get used to it. I do appreciate my solitude and the silence around me. It works wonders for my creativity.

thumbnail (2)

I think the pups and I are adjusting to the new routine of life, just the three of us. We were able to go on a nice run last night because the sun finally came out after days and days of wind and rain. We ran about 3 miles and it was a great way to recharge for the beginning week.

This is the last week of my art series, 30 Days of Fall. I just can’t believe how fast that went by! That being said, I’ll be releasing my newsletter on Thursday, November 1st as well so keep that in mind. If you haven’t subscribed for that mailing list, I’d love to have you. I mostly just use my blogs as a way to be more personal with my readers by sharing thoughts and latest happenings in my life. My newsletter is more centered around my actual brand and art business. In addition to my monthly newsletter, I also send out news in relation to store sales, discount codes, notifications of events and pop-ups, as well as a special yearly birthday surprise mailed to you for as long as you are subscribed. If you are interested and think this is something you would like to be a part of, then please subscribe here. I just love having you all with my as I embark on this journey and I hope to have you for a long time. Thank you for the love. ♥

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