Art Talk: Productivity and Setting the Bar Higher

Hello again, faithful readers!

I realize my last blog post was only a few days ago and I’m happy to have come up with a routine now for my writing. It’s nice to have more than one creative outlet to turn to. When one route becomes less inspiring for me and I find myself feeling stuck, I find it refreshing to switch between painting, illustrating, and writing. This way I can prevent myself from burning out with one particular thing.

Other than things with my art, I don’t have anything very exciting to share with you all. Jonathon is doing well with his training and I’m continuing to hold down the fort at home. Two of my pups, Nova and Haku, have been noticeably different. I think they know something is going on since Jonathon hasn’t been coming home and that our other dog, Sugarz, is gone as well. I feel like my sad emotions are impacting them. I just wish I could explain it all to them so they could understand. I suppose that right now is still just an adjustment period for all of us.

I find ways to stay busy, though. It’s best to stay occupied and to stay distracted. Most of the time I am focusing on my art and future goals, but occasionally I do have other things going on. Yesterday, I went over to my friend’s house for her daughter’s first birthday party. It was fun, but made me anxious in ways I don’t feel like talking about at the moment (maybe in another post). Afterwards, I spent some time with my sister and took a nice little break from all that I’ve got going on.

I’m all about the handmade cards and gifts


The last few days have felt productive but I haven’t produced very many finished works. How does one even manage that, right? Since I’ve been working on my art more and more as of late, I’ve had a problem with wanting everything to be completed up to a certain point before I feel comfortable deeming them as finished pieces. I’ve started several drawings but so far none of them have gotten past the plain black and white on paper; and that’s really hard for me ’cause I’m all about color. I’ve been really enjoying it but wanting something more. I envision so many different possibilities for these works in progress but don’t know which direction to go with and it’s seemed a little overwhelming, but in a good way I guess. The creative juices have been flowing but narrowing down all the possibilities I see in my mind is where the trouble lies.


QuinDu Creations blog-5-art-1.jpg

Perhaps as I start defining my skills and desires for my art, I’ve just managed to set the bar higher for myself and for my work. While I feel that this is a sign of personal growth, I also feel a bit intimidated. Putting what I envision down on canvas is a daunting task. This all has made it tricky for me to keep up with my art series, 30 Days of Fall. I am technically 3 pieces behind as of today, but currently have 3 unfinished paintings in my studio and 3 new drawings I haven’t shared yet. Hopefully I can get things all spun up today and get back on track. It’s easy to fall behind when you are expected to produce a polished artwork every day, but this series has been a great challenge for me so far!

Thank you all for reading my posts and sticking with me thus far especially if you have been following my art series. Today is marks day #22 and we are nearing the finish line! Oh! Don’t forget I still have a sale going on in my shop for 15 percent off your order! Just use code: fall15 at checkout to redeem. The sale ends in 2 days!

I truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart and will check back in soon!

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